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Which House Rules Do You Routinely Break?

Rules are meant to be broken, but what's the punishment if it's mama that breaks them? Every home has its own set of rules and appropriate disciplinary action if they are broken, but parents are often the ones who misbehave. A neighbor of mine routinely finds herself buying her tots new Wii games after filling their family swear jar with her own money, rather than her kids', and another acquaintance recently lamented that her kids lashed out at her after she yelled at them because of their no-screaming rule at home.

As parents, we often give up our vices to help teach our children to be better people, but which family rules do you find yourself defying on a regular basis?

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amber512 amber512 6 years
I'm always telling my nieces and nephews to keep their feet off of the coffee table, and then I'll find myself doing the same thing! Darn it, it's just too convenient when sitting on the couch! ;)
EvieJ EvieJ 6 years
I'm trying to keep my daughter from throwing in the house, and yesterday was putting laundry away. I just tossed my things on my bed to put away later, and this angelic voice piped up "Mommy, no ma'am. No twowing!". It was so funny.
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