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When Old Foes Become Friends as Moms

Do You Give Old Foes a Second Chance For the Kids?

Old foes can turn into friends in the blink of a wee eye. Moms who once found fault with their high school classmates and childhood friends may find solace in each other during the early stages of motherhood. Women can look past those old teen crushes and get to the heart of matters — sharing opinions on diaper creams, potty training and cooking tips. When the youngsters enjoy each other's company, it's even more reason for the mamas to get along.

Have you befriended someone you never thought you would have before motherhood?

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MissSushi MissSushi 8 years
This makes plenty of sense... especially when talking about people you knew as far back as high school, generally its been a few years of living in the real world, family planning, and just a pregnancy and child change your outlooks drastically. I just read an article i wrote right after high school about myself, and the change is soooo drastic. I'm 24 now, married with a young toddler. People grow up and change, especially compared to their 18 year old selves, so im all for giving people a clean slate.
FrankiLee FrankiLee 8 years
I was just talking to my mom about this. It seems like once you have kids, you can bond with people you haven't talked to in years or associated with much in the past. I haven't been in this exact situation, but I do have a few friends who are moms now that I had only been acquaintances with before.
aembry396 aembry396 8 years
Yes! This just happened to me. A girl that I was best friends with in college and I had a HUGE falling out. I met up with her this weekend at a reunion and re-bonded with her because she is the only one in the group that has had kids and I am about to have my first. Strange as it seems, she is now a OB nurse and may be at my delivery.
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