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Is life tougher with a single child? Sure parents of one can focus all their attention on their kiddo and get away with taking the youngster most anywhere. No one minds adding another chair to the table or making room for one more person at the movies, but parents of two, three, four, or more lil ones usually have to hire a sitter. While couples with one tot reap the rewards of certain circumstances, those who have a couple catch a break when the siblings play together. Mom and pops don't have to double as playmates. A woman recently told me she was considering baby number two because another child would be easier than always having to engage her daughter. What's your opinion?

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schnappycat schnappycat 7 years
I have an 11-week old, too, chicagojlo! :) So far, having two is much harder! It is twice of everything--bedtime, bathtime, getting out of the house, etc. Obviously, they can't play with each other yet, so that remains to be seen. But honestly, my 2.5 year old was pretty good at entertaining himself before the baby arrived and has gotten worse at it now, likely because he just wants my attention. So it's gotten worse for me so far. We'll see--hopefully they will be great playmates later, but that is a few years off.
skigurl skigurl 7 years
Depends on circumstance and age, I guess. Sure, more than one can keep each other busy, but it would also cause more noise and probably fighting. But one child is just one child. No running around after 2, feeding 2, changing 2 (or more. I think parents with old child have definitely gone the easy route.
chicagojlo chicagojlo 7 years
I just had my second child. Having one was a lot easier, but I'm glad I did it! One child is a lot more 'portable', especially if you like to travel a lot like we do. Just recently we went to Ikea and had to actually take both cars because we couldn't fit any purchases in our SUV with both kids in there too! But my daughter has certainly suffered for being an only child, she still struggles with being social with other children, while she feels totally at ease with adults. You can already see the change in her for having a sibling and he's only 11 weeks old.
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