While many new moms are anxious to get their lil darlings out of diapers, San Francisco Chronicle reporter and author Regan
is experiencing a milestone long down the line — that of her son leaving the nest.

In "The Great Letting Go" she talks about her emotions in saying goodbye to her firstborn as he prepares for college. In regard to how hard it is to let go, she said:

This comes as a great surprise to a mom who, when he was a baby and toddler, couldn't wait for him to go to sleep by 8 so my husband and I could briefly recapture our life as a pre-kid couple. When he got to be a bigger kid, I relished every play date and sleepover that freed me to do what I wanted for a little while.

To finish the story,


Now I'm greedy for every minute he's home. He's gone from the boy I wish would clean his room to having rock star status. I anticipate his arrival at dinner time with the eagerness of a fan hoping for a glimpse of the guitar player as he steps momentarily from limo to backstage door.

Reading this tear-inducing piece makes a mom think twice about ushering her kids outside to grab a minute's peace or telling them to "grow up."

Photo by Mary Eisenhart