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When Is It Time To Retire the Stroller? How About... Now?

When Is It Time To Retire the Stroller? How About... Now?

Before you read on, be ready to laugh... perhaps at yourself.

The tumblelog Too Big For Stroller collects and captions hilarious snapshots of kids who are a bit too big for their rides. The children's faces are covered (to protect the innocent of course), and Laura Miller, the blogger behind it all, insists she means it in good fun, but we weren't surprised to read that she's not yet a parent.

One day she'll be a mom and will understand the many reasons we parents resort to this ridiculousness. And then...we'll have the last laugh!

Read Too Big For Stroller

Via Jezebel

Image Source: via Too Big For Stroller

HadasHagos HadasHagos 6 years
IdaSpangle IdaSpangle 6 years
OK to me this sounds like a its "all about ME thing" to tell you the truth that is what is wrong with the kids now days I teach a pre k class for 15 years and the children are getting lazy and are having more and more problems both health and behavior when a child is able to walk they need to walk. The sad thing is I see mom and dad picking up 5 year olds and caring them and to add to my soap box adults are having problem with this too I am a super sized plus size but I work two jobs and still keep moving oh yeah and work with pre k keeps me moving and I had knee surgery a year ago and NEVER used the cart in the stores to shop with I walked. I see younger and healthier people use them all the time, blows my mind. Have the children move and you move with them.
Amanda3514192 Amanda3514192 6 years
we went to disney wordl last yr and my older son was 4 and my younger one was three and they walked jst fine we sat every so often for them to rest. how lazy are these kids no a days and the parents for letting them do this? i dont care if ur legs hurt keep walking if u can walk..lord
LisaVarboncoeur LisaVarboncoeur 6 years
hmm just because the blogger isn't a mom herself doesn't mean she's not raising a valid point. I'm a mom of two and as soon as the kids started walking confidently, the stroller went bye-bye. I see the biggest problem in the modern society that pushes, pushes, go faster, get from point A to point B as fast as possible. So parents are in this big all-fired hurry to rush their kids through the mall, the grocery store, freakin' DISNEYWORLD for cryin' out loud and don't have the patience to SLOW DOWN and enjoy the walk itself. If I hear one more parent complain, "well baby wants to sit in the stroller, so it's okay" I will scream. That's where your JOB as a parent comes in to say, "No, no more stroller. Do you need to sit and rest a bit before we go on?" or how about wagons? bigwheels? I saw a family struggling for 45 minutes to put this monstrosity of a tricycle stroller in the trunk of a compact car while the girl- who had to be at least 3 going on 4- laughed and RAN around the vehicle. If I could only have taken a video of how foolish it all looked- and for what? So the kid sits for 2 city blocks instead of walks?
HadasHagos HadasHagos 6 years
BethanyCarsten BethanyCarsten 6 years
My guess is the mother may be changing the little brother or sisters diaper - the one the stroller is actually used for. While big sis steals a seat to wait for mom's return?! At least that has happened in my family. My older son will sit on the stroller - not moving while I change my baby. Oh look she is out of the sun and all. Don't be quick to judge others if all you see is a photograph! Learn the whole story! I'm sure like everything else their is a good excuse!
StephanieSoutar StephanieSoutar 6 years
I do agree that these children are WAY to big for the strollers, but I also agree that there is no telling wether any of these kids has a medical history, in which they have a hard time walking distances, or something along the lines of it. What really urks me, is seeing the comments that this woman has put under some of the pictures. They are really offending, and they aren't even my kids! "live it up now, kid. those wide knees don’t fly on the subway" or this one " Lily reluctantly went purse shopping with her mom to celebrate her first period". It is not alright to slander the children. It is not their fault that their parents do not want to make them walk. If anything like that was ever put up and said like that about my daughter i would be looking for legal advice
LaressaMarengere LaressaMarengere 6 years
For a healthy child i wonder how long a strolled is needed. Then again my daughter figured out the buckles around a year old so the safety argument was out. She is 20 months now and can easily take half mile walks with me. When we go to the zoo this summer we probably will either rent a stroller for her or get a leash. (Her baby brother uses our stroller now.
CoMMember13631151364853 CoMMember13631151364853 6 years
Letting a child use the stroller just teachs thm to be lazy. My 3 yr old son and I walk at least 5miles a day. Kids are caplable of a lot more thn ppl think. They just try to have things their way. If there get tired give thm water. My son says it makes him feel better. When they want to be picked up the simple word is no. its little things like that yhat can lead to laziness and overweight.
CoMMember13631162647515 CoMMember13631162647515 6 years
I think this is part of the problem that leads to childhood obesity. Which is a huge problem in America today. Were pushing our 5 yr olds around in stroller's REALLY? I can understand if there is underlying health issue's yes fine. But your average everyday 5 year old? Are they walking 18 miles all uphill, in 30 inches of snow bare foot to School??? I am trying to understand the whole Disney thing for safety reason, but really couldn't that be solved by hand holding?? My husband and I this past April took my 3 and 5 yr old boy's to Disney, Epcot, Universal, Sea World and a ton of other great attraction's Orlando has to offer, is it a very crowded place during spring break. Even without the stroller we managed. If we pushed the exercise on our children just a little more,maybe our children would want to exercise a little more.. Did your parent's really push you in a stroller at 5??????? did you survive??? walking with a cane now are ya???? Our Kid's may be! If walking is hard at 5 can you imagine how hard it will be at say 35??
RobinAkers RobinAkers 6 years
you dont even know that he was pushing her in could be mom is carrying baby to get a diaper change or something and this child sat there a minute, i have seen that happen.
ChristinaMiller80392 ChristinaMiller80392 6 years
ridiculous.....if you're too big for something that usually means.... you shouldnt be using it. I mean would you keep your kid in a carrier if they didnt fit....NOOOOOOOOOOO. Lets teach our kids healthy habits and one is walking on your own too feet....lets not promote laziness...get fit america.
KarenBono KarenBono 6 years
Most of the time, this child in this picture is way too big. We can not tell if the child may have muscle or bone issues that make it hard for her/him walk for much distance. My youngest was one of these children. She had to ride in a stroller until she was over 5 years old. We have to let her sit frequently when we have to walk a lot. The exercise is good for her, but it does get painful if it is for a long time.
brendawalsh74045 brendawalsh74045 6 years
I agree with Shae. Sometimes it is not because the child is lazy but they could be sick or have a physical or another disability. Although, many use one for convenience, please do not judge too harshly. It is not always as you interpret.
ElizabethSmock ElizabethSmock 6 years
this particular photo I think is deceiving--it looks like the man with his back to us is holding a smaller child--big brother just sat down on the cushy stroller to have his drink!
LillianMcWatters LillianMcWatters 6 years
I adopted my daughter when she was 9 so I never had the stroller issue. When I nannied however, I would push a child as old as 5 in a stroller if we were going to be out for a long time, or they weren't feeling well. I had one little guy that thought that the busiest intersection waiting for a crosswalk was the best time to pull out his hand and run around. The stroller was a good incentive for him to learn to behave when we were walking around town. We can't judge these parents because we don't know what thier individual situations are.
AmandaWazelle AmandaWazelle 6 years
My daughter was never fond of strollers. We took one with us and mostly I ended up pushing it empty. Even when she was sooo exhausted, she still insisted on walking and didn't nap well in it anyway. So, on that note...either way, I think it depends on the child. If they get tired easily, so what? I do think there is a certain age that they do without, but who am I to judge?
CoMMember13630734888542 CoMMember13630734888542 6 years
All of these comments are great if you take the child's health for granted. Some kids are sick with no visible outward signs and can't walk for any substantial length of time. Just a thought...
JessicaPayette JessicaPayette 6 years
My son is only 2 and since he's been able to walk, we very rarely use a stroller. We bring it with us if we're going somewhere (i.e. aquarium) that he might get tired and need to sit for a while. I think, if the kid can walk, you should make them walk.
TarahFondots TarahFondots 6 years
It depends. my daughter is 5, and if I were to take her to Disney, I would so0o0o0o rent one. but for everday use. I think she is way to old. She knows how to use her two feet =)
elizabethstephens5175 elizabethstephens5175 6 years
i have a 5 year old in school and one of her classmates still uses a stroller...i see nothing wrong with this, i just assume that maybe they live farther from school and her little legs can't keep up or get tired.i make my kid walk to school. but i get the fact that i might just be easier and safer if you are walking in high traffic areas. it is o.k....
PearlPerezCrooks PearlPerezCrooks 6 years
How lazy can you be kid? If you can touch the floor while in the stroller, you need to get rid of it. Shame on that father to allow this to happen!
ginaj32839 ginaj32839 6 years
Actually i agree that when a child is way to big for a stroller and a Bjorn you need to stop using it.I did that with my 2 children...they had to walk when they were big enough.They slept much better at night versus me pushing them around making myself tired while they slept.
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