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The Brits may keep it in the bedroom, but LilSugar readers conceived their children all over the world! From the comfort of their boudoirs to a foreign land, seeds were planted. Check out what our mamas said!

  • Nyckie Rocks said: I don't know exactly for sure, but I'm pretty sure it was in our bedroom. The only interesting part of our son's conception is that it happened in Korea 3 weeks before we were about to leave for the US again! He's my little Korean souvenir!
  • jransom94 said: In his parents house, in his room. We were young and doing it like rabbits. Heyyy!
  • Deirdre said: In Costa Rica while on vacation. As a result, hubs and I refer to our little girl (who's still inutero and unnamed) as Tica, which means native Costa Rican.
  • Anonymous said: I know our 1st was conceived in our bedroom and the when and everything is still very clear. Our 2nd was while camping in my in-laws holiday trailer, and our 3rd was after the birthday party for our other 2 — that was in our bedroom as well.
  • schnappycat said: Both my son and unborn daughter were conceived in a petri dish in a lab a county away from my house in April 2007. My son was born in 2008 and this unborn baby was frozen and just thawed this past August.

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  • Zivanod said: My little girl was conceived by guided ultrasound which means I actually watched the sperm injected into the uterus right beside the egg. I even have video of the conception.
  • Jaxmom said: In Jamaica Mon.. That is probably why my daughter is a little "irie".
  • meandtheo said: My first was on the sofa, right after I walked in from work...the second was in a hotel room (the first night away from my first one) celebrating our anniversary!
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