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Moms Talk About Where Their Water Broke!

In the movies, a baby's delivery is always a dramatic scene. A very pregnant woman is typically standing in a crowded store, or the middle of the parking lot, and whoosh – her water surprisingly breaks and she is whisked off to the hospital in a frenzy. Real life isn't always quite as exciting. In fact, many of our readers simply noticed an extra burst of "water" when going to the bathroom.

For a select few, though, the beginning of their birthing process was like a scene from a blockbuster hit!

  • "My water broke with my first while I was bringing my dinner to the table. Gigantic rush of fluid that soaked my clothes and the floor in second. I finished dinner and waited a few hours before I went to the hospital, because I wasn't having contractions and I didn't feel like being strapped to a bed for longer then necessary!" – MissSushi
  • "I was I was walking into the hospital!" – MelOnHeels
  • "[At the hospital] I filled out the paperwork, put on the hospital gown, climbed onto the stretcher to go to L&D ... and my water broke. Splash! Perfect timing! Of course, I changed out of the gown I just soaked and mounted a new stretcher." – danaruth
  • "The pool at the YMCA!" – Facebook fan Darlene Cornell
  • "I'm a waitress and . . . I was politely letting [a patron] go on and on and all the sudden, it happened and I couldn't turn it off or make it stop. (Awesome, I look like I peed my pants!) I was slightly mortified, and I kept trying to cut him off, but it wasn't working. I finally wrapped up that conversation and ran outside. Why outside I don't know, but my boyfriend had amazing timing and came walking up right then." – Facebook fan Amanda Pleasant Hoff
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