Let the wild rumpus begin! Parents and lil ones alike are starting to countdown to one of the most eagerly anticipated kiddie flicks of the year — Where the Wild Things Are! The October 16th launch coincides with Halloween guaranteeing many a Max and monsters pounding the pavements for the spooky holiday.

The characters from Maurice Sendak's classic tale are sure to be one of the most popular costumes of the year. Moms with a knack for sewing are dusting off their machines to create the perfect Max, complete with a pajama-like costume and crown, or the yellow-eyed monsters that proclaim Max their ruler. For mums without the seamstress talent or time, the stores are expecting you. We've scoured the web and rounded up some of the most authentic looking costumes available. Be prepared for sticker shock as looking authentic doesn't come cheap!

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures