Celebrities love picking out pumpkins as much as lilsugar readers! Seventy-three percent of you told us that you take your tots to the pumpkin patch during the Halloween season and that enthusiasm also exists in Hollywood. Take this quiz and see if you recognize the celeb parents that have taken their lil ones out in search of the great pumpkin.

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Which superhero's little gem will likely not be dressing up like her daddy this year?

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Which mama better be sure she picks up an extra pumpkin this year, as there is a new baby in the house?

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Which celeb mom had her hands full while holding one of her children at the pumpkin patch last weekend?

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Which celeb mama's brood got into the Halloween spirit by having their faces painted at the pumpkin patch?

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Which mommy steered her baby to the pumpkin patch in an Orbit last week?

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Which TV mama visited the LA pumpkin patch last year with her son and a friend?

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Which dad will have to make room for another child on his lap if he visits the pumpkin patch this year?