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Lil ones look adorable in just about anything they wear, but some kiddos in Hollywood are dressed to impress. These tots always seem to be sporting the latest and greatest threads, but who do you think is the most stylish celebaby?

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TSE-Rachel TSE-Rachel 8 years
CUPCAKEchatter CUPCAKEchatter 8 years
Kingston, hands down!
MissSushi MissSushi 8 years
Violet dresses like most "normal" non celeb kids. That being said, shes been seen in several of the same or very similar dresses that Suri has, the more casual ones. I dont like the dresses Suri wears almost ever. Theyre too frumpy and old ladyish. I think its really cute that she prefers dresses though. I love seeing the interests and likes of toddlers shine through, its nice when every aspect of their lives isnt controlled. The sort of stuff Matilda wears is what I dress my daughter in, usually, as shes too young to show any preference. I hate what she puts Kingston in, if he wears anything at all. hes usually running around in underwear or wifebeaters, anyway.
crazyana crazyana 8 years
suri! :D violet?seriously? :oy:
cupcakeemmi cupcakeemmi 8 years
Violet? Are you kidding me? Sometimes I think her mother is blind... Suri gets dressed classily and Kingston is a rock star
donamaria donamaria 8 years
Kingston Rossdale.
Shannolyn Shannolyn 8 years
Blech. Suri is always in satin and silk short-sleeve uncomfortable-looking party dresses, with rather drab color palettes, and leather flats without tights or socks or shoe treads, and never EVER weather or play appropriate. She's dressed like a creepy ceramic doll most of the time. That isn't anything like what children's fashion is about, not should it be. I don't find her fashionable at all (after working in children's fashions for years and a stint as a design apprentice) and think it's kind of sad her mom dresses her in the same matronly styles she chooses for herself. It's about fun and bright colors and patterns and above all else comfort. I've seen the most beautiful dresses in organic, breathable cotton knits when paired with funky tights or leggings--clothes a kid can do somersaults and cartwheels in but still look as cute as a cupcake confection. Designer boutique labels like Cach cach, Little Mass, Zaza couture, Oilily, Mim-pi, Baby Lulu, Cakewalk...the list goes on and on. And most high-end baby shoes like Pedipeds or Bear Feet are also about giving support, nice treads and bendable breathing room to beginning walkers. Can you tell this is where all my retail experience lies? LOL. Since it is a subject near and dear to my heart, I have to give a tie to the king and queen of tot fashion right now: Kingston and Matilda.
serasvictoria serasvictoria 8 years
ediiesweets1 ediiesweets1 8 years
Had to vote for Suri she is her parents most stylish accessory. The Garner/Afflecks and Heidi Klum dress their children as they should be dressed.
scotlandrulz scotlandrulz 8 years
Ava and Deacon Phillipe :)
lilkimbo lilkimbo 8 years
Suri all of the way! Supposedly she won't even wear pants. They put them on her and she takes them off. She loves her dresses.
spicyaroma spicyaroma 8 years
Gotta be Kingston! His mom really knows how to dress him :)
kia kia 8 years
I had to pick Kingston over Suri. She looks cute and her outfits are adorable... but they don't look like they are conducive to her having a lot of fun. Meanwhile Kingston is styling and at the market, at the park, at the beach. He seems more like a kid and that gets some groovy points in my book.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
Kingston first, then Suri. I like that Kingston style emulates his mother (who probably picks his clothes out) and its very laidback but hip. Suri's dresses are gorgeous but a bit too grown-up for her age. They should let her be a kid while she still is one!
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 8 years
Kingston, Suri, and Matilda.
littlemissme littlemissme 8 years
krae85 krae85 8 years
Suri, no contest.
roxtarchic roxtarchic 8 years
yeah... i picked kingston cause a lot of what he wears i'd definitely put on our lil madman also.
Kaki Kaki 8 years
Kingston, just cause his "style" is something i'd have my own kid wear.
mstrauss mstrauss 8 years
Kingston is a close second to Suri. Different styles. Whether or not these kids dress themselves, they are still stylish. Suri dresses like a little princess all the time and I love that. I think Kingston can sometimes be a bit of a mess, especially with those wife beater tanks, but he is usually dressed in pretty cool stuff.
MissSushi MissSushi 8 years
lol.. i like pretty girly stuff like violet and matilda wear. buit i woudlnt go so far as to call them stylish
ckeller825 ckeller825 8 years
HAH! I think it's ridiculous that kids are actually considered stylish...even if they are wearing name brands. Looking at these pictures, I can't believe how much Leni Klum is a mini-me version of her mom. And I love her Snoopy outfit. That's how I think kids should dress. In my opinion, it's all about fun, not about being the most fashionable tot!
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