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Here's Why You Should Be Listening to Audiobooks With Your Kids

The following is an excerpt from a post featured on Everyday Reading and was written by Janssen Bradshaw, who is part of POPSUGAR Select Moms.

You already know that I'm a little obsessed with audiobooks.

And my girls are hooked on them too. Ella spends almost all of her quiet time each day listening to audiobooks while she colors or paints, and Ani loves the audiobooks that come with the accompanying picture book.

A few months ago, one of my friends sent me a text saying her husband was concerned about their children listening to audiobooks and that it might be a crutch that was preventing them from developing reading skills.


Twenty impassioned texts from me later about why audiobooks are basically the best thing on earth, and she was probably regretting texting at all.

Here are eight reasons I'm a huge fan and why I think they are so beneficial for kids:

  1. They can usually listen at a much higher level than they can read. Your child might be reading at a kindergarten or first grade level, but they can probably listen to something much more advanced (just like a kindergarten teacher might read aloud a Roald Dahl book that your kindergartener would have a hard time reading alone).
  2. It makes reading a fun activity for kids that struggle with reading. If you're a struggling reader, it's hard to ever get to the parts of reading that are actually fun (most of us that love to read don't love it because of the decoding part . . .), like the story itself. I love that audiobooks mean kids can have positive reading experiences even when they're struggling with their reading skills.

For six more reasons audiobooks are great for your children, visit our friends at Everyday Reading.

Image Source: Everyday Reading
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