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Do Kids Ruin Your Sex Life?

Every couple experiences it at some point: the sexual dry spell. Between working your 9-to-5 and taking care of the kids at home, couples go through phases where they feel less than frisky. But just how long do most parents go without sex? It was recently reported that 32 percent of moms go years without having sex with their partners. This stat made jaws drop and had many women wondering why. Ultimately, it comes down to the kids. — more specifically, who takes care of them.

Men dedicate about seven percent of their after-work hours to taking care of the children, whereas women spend 14 percent of their free time with kids. Balancing work with child care and other household duties increases a mom's stress levels, which in turn lowers the libido. This turns the bedroom into a sleep-only zone.

We can't blame moms. It's hard to muster up the energy for sex when you spend most of your waking hours working. Unfortunately, asking your husband to help with the kids could backfire. A 2011 study found that men experience a 34 percent drop in testosterone when kids enter the picture and an extra 20 percent decrease if they spent more than three hours tending to the tots. Those who suffered form low testosterone levels were less likely to have sex with their wives.

So how can couples have a sex life after having children? For starters, men could help out more around the house. Many studies suggest men don't do enough at home. So rather than letting your spouse kick back after a long day, ask him to take out the trash of cook dinner. This will lighten your load and could get you back into the bedroom.

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Diana15432584 Diana15432584 3 years
I don't know why they are blaming the kids. There are nights where my husband and I are too tired for sex but there are plenty of times where we do. I think it's more of making an effort to be with each other. If it's important to you, you'll make time for it.
AgathaLoin AgathaLoin 3 years
I think that this is a ridiculous article! We have 5 kids! I homeschool them so there is never much of a break in my day. I do not see how that has anything to do with my love for my husband. Seeing him at the end of the day and having his arms around me gives me peace. I can't imagine not wanting to have sex with him. I think there are other underlying problems and they should not blame kids for something they have nothing to do with. Get your kids on a schedule and stick to it!! All of our kids are in their room ready for bed and having quiet time by 7:30 for the little ones and 8 for the older ones. This give me and my husband time to relax together as a couple. Kids are not the problem. You just need to put some effort into your marriage.
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