Some kids won't get in the tub and my son won't get out. He loves bathing so much that he climbs in and slathers himself with soap so we have to turn the water on. Who knew my lil mess maker — the guy that dives into the dirt and changes his own diaper — would double as Mr. Clean? Since he runs nonstop, maybe he just likes to soak his small muscles? I'll never know, but I do expect the water bill will go up. The other day he took three baths. The first he finagled with the soap trick, the second was a result of his ingenious idea to rub apple sauce all over his body and hair, and the finale was after he skated around the kitchen on a cupcake. To see what happened,


Just when I thought the laundry load of towels would die down, I peeked in and found him barefoot slipping around the linoleum on buttercream frosting and cake crumbs. "Yuck!" he said and headed to the restroom. I figure it's a phase and if it's the worst thing he does, we're lucky and he's squeaky least for a while.