Funny man Jack Black recently said he's gone sentimental since becoming a dad. The comedian and father of two admitted to even crying at commercials. Ads do a number on lots of new parents, perhaps it's the adorable, chubby cheeked bald babies they have in them, or the angelic infants sleeping that make the tear ducts of moms and dads loosen. Additionally, there are those amazing moments we see flashing across our television screens like when Michael Phelps ran to his proud mother, Debbie, after he won yet another Olympic gold. Or the devastating ones, like the segment of Stand Up To Cancer that told the story of the mom who lost her four-year-old son to the disease. She was there for his first breath and his last. To see why parents relate,


We watch moms struggling with their toddlers in the supermarket or picking wildflowers with their wee ones and see them as mirrors of ourselves. Becoming a parent heightens all the emotions that people have as children breathe new life into our own existence and with that comes a whole lot of belly laughs, frustration, sleepless nights and tears.