On occasion, my husband picks me up from work with my son in the backseat wrapped in a blanket and wearing only a diaper. It's usually because the lil rascal stripped off his clothes and then fell asleep. Rather than waking him up, his dad carts him to the car in a cuddly cover then turns the heat on to keep him warm during the ride.

I was at a party with a friend when her husband called and asked her to come out and breastfeed their son in the car. When she asked why he didn't want to bring the baby in, he told her their daughter wasn't wearing pants. She said to head in anyway. The door opened and in walked the three-year-old in a hooded sweater, shirt, shoes, socks and a pair of undies. My friend laughed and exclaimed, "Oh, she really isn't wearing any pants!"

Before I was a mom I thought toting tots around without clothes or shoes was an odd practice, but after having kids I understand that sometimes you opt for the more peaceful option in a pinch. Do you ever take your darlings for a drive without clothes or shoes on?