I've never been particularly coordinated, so nothing prepared me for giving birth to a monkey. At the rate my 13-month-old son is going, he's likely to scale Half Dome by his second birthday.

At 3 months, he flipped over and has been on a roll ever since. He leaped in his Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper until he fell asleep standing. Then, walked at 10 months and ran weeks later.

Shortly after, he tore up a flight of carpeted stairs like an army recruit. But then, it seemed the floor he embraced as a baby began to bore him, and he set his heights higher. I caught him stabilizing a small rocking chair in his room and using it as a step stool to climb on the changing stable. His next hike was up the hope chest in our room and onto our bed for a peek out at the backyard.

Not knowing what he will think up next, I'm always on high alert fearing he will fall. So, I was shocked to walk into the living room the other night and see him in mid-jump from the chair to the couch and stunned when he walked into the kitchen and climbed his high chair like a ladder in a wink.

His long limbs and athletic inclination may pay off in the long run, but for now they are just causing me stress.

Does anyone else have a lil climber?