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Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me: Mothers and Sons

Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me: Mothers and Sons

There's just something about mothers and sons. When the groom and his mom took to the dance floor at a wedding I attended last weekend, a friend of mine burst into tears. Her reaction had nothing to do with the newlyweds, but the fact that she can't imagine someday handing off her own son who just turned one. To hear my experience,


During my second pregnancy, knowing I already had a daughter — many women said they hoped I'd have a son explaining that it begets a relationship unlike any other. I hadn't a clue what they were talking about until I delivered my lil guy. Even in his first days of life, it was obvious that our bundle of joy was nothing like his sister who is so similar to me. When we welcomed our daughter to the world, I felt like I grew another limb —I intuitively knew what she needed, understood her personality and took how easy going and delightful she was for granted.

My son was another story — he has always been a combination of sheer independence and huggable neediness. A lil rascal that runs with reckless abandon and then curls up close to me to fall asleep. A child who scales anything he can manage and offers kisses for absolutely no reason. I watch him in awe — amazed that the unpredictable and incredibly lovable human being has come from me. And, I finally understand that men and women are completely different creatures.

Do you think the relationships mothers have with their daughters are different than those they have with their sons?

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