My children couldn't care less about the loot in their toy boxes or drawer full of DVDs. While those things occupy them at home, they are outside kids to the core.

Nothing makes them happier than tearing across an open field, climbing a playground structure, or splashing in water. Lil ones thrive from feeling the sun or wind on their faces and being able to run free without the confines walls and ceilings. But, I'm not sure if it's nature or nurture with our offspring. To see why,


My husband and I have taken them everywhere since infancy. If my daughter dozed off as tot, she'd wake up to the click of the garage door opener and complain, "No! Let's go somewhere else."

On the rare occasion when we stay in for a length of time, my son puts on a hat or sweatshirt and heads to the front door saying, "Bye. Bye."

You can stock up on the latest and greatest trinkets or sit them in front of their favorite film, but nothing compares to fresh air.