Pregnancy and motherhood are ripe with shocking, funny, embarrassing, and insightful moments. All too often we have that "how did I not know that?!" moment. We created the Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me? group in the LilSugar Community for you to share the things you wished somebody had told you, too. cheersdarlin916 shares her startling discovery:

I have been having issues with my forearms and my hands going painfully numb at night and the last couple of nights have been so bad it is causing me to loose sleep. I did some research online and then talked to a nurse at my doctor's office and sure enough I have carpal tunnel syndrome. Just when I think I get past one issue (be it nausea, insomnia, or getting GD under control) something else like this pops up. They tell me that it will likely go away within a month of having my baby but I am not even due for another three months. Good grief.

cheersdarlin916 isn't alone on this one. Studies have shown that one out of four pregnant women complain of the syndrome, usually in the second or third trimester of pregnancy. Did you experience it?

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