Mothers who have pumped know the dreads of sitting up alone in the middle of the night to unload their liquid gold when they'd rather be in bed. While pumping is a learn as you go process, the restrictions and the time commitment it required surprised me.

I felt like a cow hooked up to my milk extracting machine and imagined cutting one of my old bras up to hold the contraptions so I could at least check e–mail or surf the net.

To see how to lighten the pumping load,


Near the end of my nursing days, I ran across the Easy Expression Pumping Bra that is made just for this purpose. It costs $34 and had I known about it sooner, I would have been willing to pay even more for the freedom it allows. It gives the pumping mama the ability to go about her business using both hands. She can read a book or flip through a magazine. I am certainly going to buy one of these when I have another baby.