We waited for what seemed like an eternity (one year) for our firstborn to walk, but her younger brother was up and running before we even had the chance to realize it might be time.

That's how everything has been with my son. The other day, he climbed into our SUV, got in his booster and buckled himself up (a pleasant change from him finagling his way out). All the time we've spent prepping our daughter for her kindergarten screenings has paid off in an unexpected way — the lil guy counts the 15 stairs up to our flat and sings his version of the alphabet at random.

While parents take pictures of every step and breath their first child takes, when the second baby is born things are a bit more lax and they are able to just soak up the world around them. And, those human sponges seem ready for the ride whether it's a carpool to school or a trip to the playground. Did you find this to be true with your children?