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Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me: Talks

Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me: Talks

They say kids grow up fast, but lately I'm blown away. Last week, my art obsessed daughter told me she can't wait to get a "needle" tattoo. I knew this was coming ever since she noticed mine as I stepped out of the shower a couple years ago. With wide eyes, she blurted out, "I want one," but I talked her in to waiting until she's 25. A couple days ago, she told me she "really needs a pink wig." I thought the conversation was headed toward Halloween, but she explained that it's because she's tired of having messy hair on the mornings I'm at work and my husband attempts to style it. "That way I can just put on a wig and go out," she explained. I'm considering caving on this one so she doesn't try to dye her hair.

Yesterday, she surprised me with the latest topic — sleeping with the opposite sex. A classmate told her he slept in the same bed as his girl cousin and they had a pretend wedding and kissed on the lips. In disbelief she said, "He doesn't even know that you can't marry your cousin. And, you're only supposed sleep with your boyfriend or girlfriend and kiss them on the lips!" My daughter is four and a half, I wonder what the topics of our conversations will be at 14?

Are you ever surprised by what your child talks about?

Greggie Greggie 9 years
I didn't get them to stop my kids from getting them. I couldn't care less if my kids are tattooed and pierced. *lol* They just decided they didn't want to when I told them how it's done.
BuchaBaby BuchaBaby 9 years
Uh sounds good enough to me greggie. Get a tat to get you kids off having one...fair enough. Like i read once: smoking parents are the best prevention for kids not to smoke...well well ;=)
Greggie Greggie 9 years
My kids have all asked about my tattoos but nothing shocking to me. They've seen them since birth since only one is really hidden by clothing and the ankle one was usually the first thing they grabbed for. *lol* All they wanted to know was if they hurt. When I said yes and that they use needles, they both said they'd never get one. I'm fairly certain my younger boy will change his mind on that when he's a teen. The baby just tries to pull them off my skin.
nevadamtnbear nevadamtnbear 9 years
Oh thank you very much. I'm now officially TERRIFIED about having a girl. It's not bad enough hearing from a friend the conversations he's having with his now 12 year old. A few days ago, I told my husband I was already considering developing a inconsicuous chastity belt. Did I mention my little girl isn't even due until the end of January. Oy vey!
BuchaBaby BuchaBaby 9 years
Actually it was the boy i am part-time-nanny off: He (5 and three quarters and in first grade) staring at my breasts Do you have babies? me: No why? he: cause girls get breasts when they have babies, dont they?! me: no, they get breasts so they CAN get babies. he: so YOU (aparently he ment girls in particular) need breasts for a baby? me: Yes. he: so do you want one. me: in time. he: but why do you have them NOW? me: Cause IF i got a baby the baby will suck milk from them. he: And meanwhile who is sucking milk from them... aaaaand so on it took me a while to get him off that topic i can tell. Maybe he wasnt breastfed enough ;) so i might ask his mom: Hey mrs. *** did you breastfed him enough, loool.
Greggie Greggie 9 years
I have no idea why I'm drawing a blank on this, my kids have surprised me with tons of questions over the year. For some reason, I can't remember anything specific. They surprised me by NOT asking questions when I got pregnant last year, thogh.
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