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Should High Schools Have Later Start Times?

Getting kids out of bed and ready for school can sometimes feel like pulling teeth. But US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan surprised everyone when he suggested that schools should have later start times so parents could let kids sleep in a little, Today reports. Duncan, the former chief of Chicago Public Schools, said studies have shown that students do better if they start their school day rested. A 2012 study found that a later start time — from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. — increased middle school kids' standardized test scores in math and reading by two to three percentile points. While Duncan acknowledged that later start times could be problematic for bus and work schedules, he encouraged local schools and superintendents to evaluate the idea. As Duncan told The Diane Rehm Show, "So often, we design school systems that work for adults and not for kids."

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MissyCox75715 MissyCox75715 3 years
What happens when they have to get up for work after HS? They are supposedly being trained for the "real world" here and getting up early is just one of those things that are expected of them!
KellyWalkerEveritt KellyWalkerEveritt 3 years
I think it's a great idea. There are medical studies showing that around puberty kids biological clocks change and they have trouble falling asleep earlier and to get the sleep they need, will wake up naturally latter. They also still need a lot of sleep to help,with the growth both physically and mentally they are doing. Littler kids seem to be up earlier, they should switch the order the kids leave for school.
DeborahRidgelyPaegelow DeborahRidgelyPaegelow 3 years
We moved to a town where the school system has "late start" day every Wednesday. I hate that the schedule is not consistent every day because it messes up the children's sleep schedules. I think if the children have a consistent schedule and get to bed in time for 8 hours sleep, it would work just fine!
MelissaParker39767 MelissaParker39767 3 years
I think it would be a good idea.
missnanny missnanny 3 years
There will never be a solution acceptable to all and there are many thoughts on this subject. I guess my biggest concern is for the younger kids. As far as high school goes, hate to tell you, but when you graduate and get into the real world, your employer will have expectations and you will have to live with them. For some reason, the excuse "I need my sleep so I am coming in later" just won't cut it!
ErikaStarman ErikaStarman 3 years
My daughters are in elementary school. We start at 9am and get out at 4pm. It doesn't leave alot of time at night for practices , dinner, and school work, but we manage. It is nice letting them sleep a bit longer. It also means my family doesn't need before or after school care. I go in later (after they get on the bus) and my husband is able to get home in the afternoon.
Just-sayin Just-sayin 3 years
Why don't parents just put their kids to bed at a decent hour? They may be teenagers, but it is still a parent's responsibility to ensure their child gets enough food, rest, education, discipline, etc. They already have so little time after school especially if there are participating in any extra curriculars (sports, clubs, etc) Pushing school to start a later hour would've been a dream for me in highschool. I had to catch the bus really early and had almost an hour bus ride to school, but starting later means a later release from school, which reduces the amount of time children have at home for families time, chores, fun, to still be a kid. If they go to bed at a decent hour, they should have no issue functioning in class at regular school start times. *This is all being said with the assumption that the schools normal start time is somewhere between 8-8:30 like most public schools. All comments are made referring to that. Schools that start earlier, may want to reconsider the time.
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