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Why to Feed Your Family Organic

5 Reasons to Feed Your Family Organic (and 7 Easy Ways to Do So)

5 Reasons to Feed Your Family Organic (and 7 Easy Ways to Do So)

Organic is healthier, right? That's why you and your kids should be eating organic. But is it really worth the added cost to feed your family organically? Though a study out last Fall suggested that, kids might not be healthier due to an organic diet one of the key doctors of the study, Dr. Joel Forman of the Mount Sinai Children's Environmental Health Center is convinced that developing brains are vulnerable to chemical exposure, and that eating organically can reduce their risk of coming in contact with pesticides.

I was lucky enough to hear Dr. Forman speak about the benefits of organic eating at the Mount Sinai Greening Our Children luncheon this week (I was a guest of The Honest Company, as Jessica Alba was being honored with the organization's Champion for Children Award). His reasoning, and easy tips for doing so, were enough to make me change my shopping habits. Keep reading for five reasons to ditch pesticide-ridden food and seven steps you can take to make healthier shopping choices.

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