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Why I Put My Baby on a Strict Routine from Day One

Why I Put My Baby on a Strict Routine from Day One

We've all had it, haven't we: a bunch of unsolicited advice from family, friends, well wishers, and even people in the street. It seems when a new baby is around everyone is an expert! 

I returned home from the hospital overwhelmed, overjoyed and over-exhausted. After my little beautiful baby was just 48 hours old we were greeted by my Russian friend Olga. I refer to her nationality so you can hear her in your head as I describe what she says - really it works best in a Russian accent! I must point out however, that despite the voice and her stern nature she's a big-hearted lady.

She told me in no uncertain terms: "The child needs a four-hour routine!" Her advice sounded more like an order from a drill sergeant than advice from a friend.


"Uh, he's only two days old Olga, I'm just feeding him when he wants me to" I delicately replied.

"Do it, and do it from now and you will thank me forever," she stated.

Totally skeptical and unsure, I wondered if it would make me a bad mother. Would it be a good thing? I didn't have a great deal to go on, no real close friends or family with babie, so I wasn't about to argue.

Putting Olga's Advice Into Action

Olga stayed for the better part of seven hours. Sure enough, Raffa got hungry right away. He grumbled for me and and I cringed, but didn't feed him. Three and a half hours went by. He was just a little miserable. I, on the other hand, was ever so distressed, wanting to comfort him with my bosom.

"Ah, no-no-no, you'll thank me!" Olga insisted.


Four hours finally came and my tingling breasts and crying child finally met in mutual gratitude! He fed for much longer than he did normally. 

We did this two more times, the grumbles pulling at my heart strings, and I questioned why I would ever let that harsh lady influence my parenting decisions. But I did see it through, and by four days old Raffa was calm, contented, and on a four-hour feeding routine!

Now, while my Russian friend would probably disagree with me, I am not suggesting this is for everyone. My little boy was born late, heavy and healthy, and for us it was a great start to healthy routines. He slept through the night well, and to this day we eat together as a family at set times each day. 

I hope I am not slated for cruelty for saying so, but it worked for us and it really was a great way to organize sleep times, feed times, and the rest of the day. For our family, listening to my stern Russian friend was a very good thing and I will thank her forever!

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