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LaustCawz LaustCawz 3 years

The whole "Obesity" issue & its prominence in the culture is actually based on feminized thinking, since it's harder for women to lose weight than men. Men tend to simply burn off "excess" calories, even without any strenuous activity, while women tend to store them as fat. In other words, men need more food/fuel/calories to simply function effectively. Otherwise, they risk malnutrition or even starvation. However, the 50 billion-dollar-a-year weight loss industry is ruthless in its plan to indoctrinate as much of society as possible to adopt a "what's healthiest for women is automatically healthiest for everyone, including men" mentality. No surprise that the author of this article is...a woman! "Dietician" & "Nutritionist" (most of these are...again, no surprise...women) are made-up careers that didn't even exist a few decades ago

More details about this can be found in the book,

"Why Men Don't Iron" by Anne & Bill Moir.

Finally, what about sodas that are low-calorie or even no calorie???

Explain to me how this can make anyone obese...



Harv15024107 Harv15024107 3 years

Kids are constantly bombarded by sugar. Cake, candy and sugar drinks are constantly being pushed in their faces, especially in commercial TV. I am against birthday cakes, birthday sugar rituals of various types, and all of the other sugar items that are used to celebrate. Sugar becomes a comfort food. This leads to binges on sugar. I have a very healthy son who is a fast runner, an excellent golfer, and great at sports as well as school. He is thin. When he was a toddler I strongly rejected anything that was pushed in his face that was overly sugary. This upset my wife who thought that I would offend other parents. However, my son now has excellent eating habits, and is a strong and extremely handsome young man. I agree with this article and would like to see more articles in this area. Obesity and overweight are major problems in our schools.

CathyKamara1399573467 CathyKamara1399573467 3 years

Parents need to educate there children about what is in our food supply and how it can affect there bodies; Teach them how to make better choices at breakfast, lunch and dinner and snack time; school does not teach this subject; we as parents need to teach our kids and show by example; perfect conversation at the dinner table with the kids.

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