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13 Reasons Moms Love Trader Joe's

Aug 8 2014 - 4:32am

When it comes to grocery shopping, most moms either love it or hate it. But when Trader Joe's hit the big time a few years back (though it's actually been around since 1958 [1]!), many former supermarket-haters changed their tunes. With its friendly, thoughtful approach to offering awesome products at an affordable price point, the appeal to families is simply undeniable. Here, a few things that we just love about shopping at Trader Joe's, especially when we have our kids in tow (look, they love it too!).

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We can fill up the cart without breaking the bank

Money matters! The fact that it's entirely possible to fill up your shopping cart without hitting the triple digits (with gourmet goodies [3], to boot) is many moms' driving factor for shopping TJ's. To really maximize your trip to the grocery store, check out our guide to the store's best values [4].

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These adorable mini shopping carts:

Not only do they turn strolling the aisles into a game, but your kids can actually help shop by filling up their little carts. Sometimes the littlest things make the biggest difference.

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Permission to play Martha Stewart:

Fresh flowers are a total unnecessary indulgence, but at TJ's, you can grab a bunch for less than $5. Every mom deserves a little luxury now and then!

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It makes a trip to the grocery store a fun outing for our kids.

You never know what you're going to find!

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Its employees actually like what they do, and it shows.

The biggest difference between checkout at Trader Joe's and most other grocery stores? Nine times out of 10, the cashier will engage you in a friendly conversation. Forget something in the cart? They'll run and grab it for you. They've tried the products and will tell you what they love. They even stock their counters with hand sanitizer and lotion. So considerate.

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Samples? Don't mind if we do.

They're always giving away something yummy at Trader Joe's. It's a pleasant perk that you can use to entice your kids to get excited about grocery shopping, and you may even discover something new and great.

Source: Foodbeast [10]

It understands our schedules.

Any store with extended hours gets a gold star in this mom's book.

Whether you work or are waiting for the kids to fall asleep to hit the supermarket, we all appreciate a company that's willing to accommodate our crazy schedules.

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Wine in a box.

Need we say more? (Just do yourself a favor and steer clear of this bottle [12] — eek.)

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It's there for us when we're trying to be healthy . . .

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. . . and to satisfy our guilty pleasures, too.

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Stuck on you!

A trip to Trader Joe's is a whole lot less painful than one to the doctor's office, but your kids will still be rewarded with stickers (and sometimes balloons, too) when it's over. Awesome.

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These tiny cups of free coffee:

There's always freshly brewed coffee available to shoppers in pint-size portions. Sometimes all it takes is a couple of sips to reinvigorate mama!

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It has clean, spacious bathrooms.

You don't have to make any embarrassing requests, either. Trader Joe's' bathrooms are always easy to find and clearly marked, plus they're clean and spacious. Whether you have exactly 12 seconds to rush a potty-training tot to the toilet or are coping with a diaper blowout, it's nice to know you don't have to divert your crew back home to deal with it.

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