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Why Other Online Moms Make Me Jealous

Why Other Online Moms Make Me Jealous

After reading an article last night that my friend linked to on Facebook (Why I can't stop reading Mormom housewife blogs), I felt my world shift a bit.  I regularly cruise a lot of these mommies' blogs for inspiration, and the women who write them are supercool, easy going, urban, young, and gorgeous. But the more I got sucked into these blogs of pretty happy people in quirky glasses, skinny jeans, and clogs I pined over, the more I wondered how did these women so seamlessly dress their kids in mini hipster gear, keep gorgeous homes, dress impeccably, stay manicured, nurse, babywear, cook dinner, and keep it all together? The combination of happiness and style was stellar and making me insanely jealous.  On top of everything they maintain savvy blogs journaling their experiences and raking in the dough (presumably) on ads lining the sides of their kitschy posts.

I, on the other end of the spectrum, struggle to get a few quick minutes in front of the computer without my 3-year-old wining that she needs me to paint with her, wipe her tush, or get her a snack, and my 3-month-old crying to be held, boobed, diapered, or whatnot.  And blogging is just the tip of the iceberg.  The list of things that I DON'T get done in a day is longer than I'd like to admit.

So what's the catch?  How do they do it?  And how can I get to this state of blissful fulfillment in homemaker-dom...and in the blogosphere, of course!



The more I sit with this the more I think they are just not telling the whole story.  No one's life is so easy and breezy with kids around.  It's nearly impossible to be so perfect AND happy at the same time.  So are they doing us a solid or a major disservice?

The optimistic side of me says thanks to these savvy women.  They paint a picture I'd like to attain, and that motivation is welcome. Why not focus on the positive things?  If you build it they will come, no?  Think positive and positivity will come to you. Right?

The cynical side of me (more often the predominant side, though I try...) says that these ladies are just setting us all up for failure. That unattainable goal just makes me feel like I'm lacking, incapable.

So what do I do with my blog? Which is the right road to take?  For me it's painting a realistic picture. No one can have projects for their kids every afternoon and cook family dinner, co-sleep and look bright and fresh the next morning, nurse and wear chic clothing, take your kids to ballet and get to yoga for yourself...  For me it's refreshing to see other moms struggle a bit. It lets me know that I am doing this mommy thing right, cause everyone drops the ball once in a while, and that's totally okay!

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MaryKurzawa MaryKurzawa 5 years
While I agree with this article, I find it a bit hypocritical given the author. I checked out the blog and see that the author does every thing she herself is writing about. She is a beautiful and talented overachiever. These are not bad qualities and the information on her blog is admirable if she remains focused on her task of a healthy vegan lifestyle. However, I'm sure people like this do find it hard to read other people's blogs about perfection because they themselves are striving for it and want it first. I'm just saying the truth, not trying to be mean spirited. I hope the auther/blogger or anyone else feeling this way can understand that we need to reflect inward when we are feeling jealous to find out why it bothers us so much. It sounds like she should give herself kudos first and try not to dwell on what others are doing as a distraction to what she is trying to accomplish.
Alissia1792 Alissia1792 5 years
So I think there are moms out there than *can* do it all, but I also think those moms are few and far between no matter what faith they subscribe to. And *of course* they're not telling the whole's a blog, not a news crew following them around 24/7 and reporting every second in the trenches of motherhood. And your blog will be the same way. You won't spill every single detail all day long b/c you have kids to take care of just like they do. And sometimes you might have had an awful day but you want to focus on the cool thing your family did or saw or a personal insight you had. That's life and you'll live it and report it how you see best. No one's life is perfect, so maybe that's the thing we forget when reading these blogs when everything looks a way we think is perfect. But, no matter what things *look* like we can all still learn something from one another, and I think that's the great part about blogging and the ability to see what it's like to walk in a portion of someone else's shoes.
KatherineBecker37055 KatherineBecker37055 5 years
Those amazing mothers have the same amount of hours each day as the rest of us, and if they're spending that much time grooming themselves and then blogging about it, I say those kids are being neglected. It's more important to them to look good for others than it is to get dirty with their kids. My kids are now 8 & 11 and so I have more personal freedom now to do more for myself, but in the younger years there was no worrying about myself much, it was all about taking care of my family and spending time with them, and not showing off to the world. There is balance in everything we do, and if someone is spending so much time grooming themselves, then other things are being given up. I feel for the children that don't get their parents well deserved attention. I, on the other hand, feel proud that I gave my children all of the attention they required in the early years. They are now self-assured and strong in their characters and stable children...well worth the time & effort!!!
MelodyHalverson MelodyHalverson 5 years
I love this, and can totally relate, though it's more with Facebook friends for me rather than blogs. But I love what you say about it being refreshing to see other moms struggle a little because it lets us know we're doing it right!
Erin-Rovak-Henderschedt Erin-Rovak-Henderschedt 5 years
You are right. That's why I keep two VERY honest blogs about what it's like to parent 4 boys while hubby is deployed and also a no nonsense lessons learned monologue guide to parenting today. Go get 'em!
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