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10 Reasons Moms Drop Facebook Friends

Are you losing friends on Facebook, but you don't know why? Maybe you're a "vaguebooker." Maybe you share way too much information. Or could it be that you post so frequently that people can't stand you clogging up their Facebook feed? Here, moms share the top ways to go from friend to unfriended.

1. Swearing Too Much

Some people don't have a problem with profanity, but for others it's a deal breaker. Jennifer A. says she deletes friends if she sees more than two profanity-laced updates a week, while Desiree R. is so offended that she's even unfriended family members because of bad language!

2. Being a Competitive One-Upper

We all know these type of Facebook friends: the ones who always have to one-up your statuses. September W. says she can't stand it when people compete with status updates. Although she does admit she feels a little bad that they feel like they have to compete.


3. Acting Like a Drama Mama

Moms agree that being a drama queen — deliberately posting statuses just to cause drama — will get you unfriended faster than you can update your status. If you're stirring the pot to get your friends' attention, you're better off reaching out directly.

4. Posting Views That Make Other People Uncomfortable

Jane S. is clear about what types of views she won't tolerate. "I defriend people for making racist, sexist, or anti-any-whole-group statements," she says. Other moms, like Krista E., say a pet cause about which you post a "bazillion links" may not get you unfriended, but will get your posts hidden from the News Feed.

5. Oversharing Mundane Moments

Everyone has boring, mundane chores or errands to deal with, but your friends don't want constant updates about it. It may sound harsh, but Carol H. is probably saying what a lot of your friends are thinking: "I don't care that you are sitting in traffic. I don't care if you are at the dentist. I don't care that you are grocery shopping."

6. Complaining a Lot

You may not remember this Saturday Night Live sketch about a woman who always complained about everything, but hopefully you're not a Debbie Downer on Facebook. If so, then you're the person who Nikki S. says blames everyone else in the world for your shortcomings, something many people find really annoying.

7. Posting Vague Comments

This is one thing I absolutely won't tolerate from my Facebook friends. I'm of the opinion that if you have something to say, just say it. Circle of Moms member Lissa H. agrees. She says people who post vague, angry messages that hint at who it's about and then won't reveal more information need to stay quiet or deal with it privately.

8. Posting Too Much Information

Oversharing is something that is bound to lose you more than a few friends on Facebook. Moms almost unilaterally agree they don't need to know the intimate details of your life. As Becky F. so bluntly puts it, "We don't all need to know that you have wicked cramps today or that you pee when you cough or the details of your last sexual encounter."

9. Posting Too Frequently

Jurnee S. says she had to delete a friend who posted every move she made because the constant updates were filling up her News Feed. She's not alone. Another member named Nikki says, "It drives me crazy when people post something every three seconds. I usually end up hiding that person because it just becomes too much."

10. Using Facebook to Fight With a Spouse or Ex

Finally, readers Amber N. and Nikki S. point out that people having personal fights and airing dirty laundry on Facebook is cringeworthy, and Krista E. says it's just tacky. If you're willing to cross the line and make your friends spectators to your spectacular blowouts, don't be surprised if some of them leave the ring.

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