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Battle of the Baby Weight: Invest in a Postnatal Trainer

Work it out! For some people, the postpartum pounds fall right off, and for others, like me, they don't! Our friends at Equinox set me up with a postnatal trainer who is helping me get back in shape. There are women who prefer getting their exercise in the great outdoors or incorporating their kiddos in the activities, but for those who hit the gym, here are some reasons to consider a personal trainer.

Amy Fiske, NSCA-certified personal trainer, advises that a mom get her physician's OK before she starts exercising. Here are thoughts about the benefits of a trainer. She said:

1. Personal trainers are professionals. They have the knowledge to deliver a safe exercise program specific to your needs. Whether you have worked out before or are starting from scratch, a trainer can challenge you.

2. Trainers hold clients accountable. Making an appointment with a trainer means you are less likely to skip going to the gym. I usually ask my clients if they have been doing their "homework" — cardio workouts and keeping good nutrition — so they get results quickly. That is a constant motivator!

3. Trainers create time effective workouts. A mom has a busy life, you can spend two to three hours a week with a trainer and target specific muscle groups with the correct form so you don't waste your time.

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4. Trainers can help you reach health goals. Invest in your health for long term benefits and the future of your children. A workout program can help reduce health risks such as heart disease, some types of diabetes, and other health related illnesses.

5. Give yourself some TLC! It's time to put yourself first. Exercising releases chemicals in your brain that can help lift your mood and give you more energy!

6. Do exercises that keep you fit for your life! Learn how to bend, squat, push, and pull safely by using core muscles to protect your back. Feel fitter and stronger picking up your baby, pushing a shopping cart, or toting that heavy car seat.

7. Are you feeling breathless running after your 4-year-old? A trainer can start you on a cardio program to help you keep up with your kids on their bikes!

Follow the Battle of the Baby Weight series here!

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