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Why Women Should Never Breastfeed in Public Video

4 Reasons Women Should NEVER Breastfeed in Public

Enough is enough, ladies! It's time to end the is-it-OK-to-breastfeed-in-public debate once and for all. Mother of two Kristina Kuzmic took to YouTube to outline the four main reasons women should never, ever breastfeed in public, and it's utter genius . . . likely because it's nearly three minutes of hysterical, all-out satire.

From the fear that a breast could be exposed for like a second (or, "like two . . . two seconds!") to the fact that moms shouldn't even need to go out in public, she's making a solid case for those who've long been victimized by nursing moms.

And if her reasoning doesn't convince you, she brings up a valid question: "do these breastfeeding moms even want to have children, or did they just have them so they could ruin everybody's day with their exhibitionism?" Think about that.

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