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ECOWEEN: Witch Craft With Recycled Items

What do haunted houses, tombstones, spider webs and ghosts all have in common? They are a few staples that make Halloween come to life and they're traditional! Show your tot that old is better when it comes to the festive October holiday by crafting costumes with recycled household products.

First up — a witch! Broom Hilda and the Wicked Witch of the West can be whipped up in no time with some careful consideration of mom's wardrobe, craft products and a cereal box!

To see how to craft your creation,


  • Empty cereal boxes
  • Black construction paper or poster
  • Pen or pencil
  • Scissors
  • Tape or stapler
  • Foil or glitter
  • Two 12 inch pieces of ribbon
  • Glue (hot glue is preferable)
  • An old pair of fishnet pantyhose
  • A black dress or shirt and skirt
  • Tights or long socks
  • Makeup or face paint to turn that adorable face into an equally wicked mug

Before you get carried away with the wardrobe, work on stewing up a wicked cap and wand for the lil witch:

Supplies you'll need:

  1. Take an old cereal box and deconstruct it carefully so it is a flat board.
  2. Curl the box into a cone shape that fits the size of your tot's noggin. Once the circumference is decided, use a pen to mark the spot where the two meet and draw a circle around the base directing you where to cut the excess material.
  3. Using scissors, remove excess trim off the bottom to create a clean finished look.
  4. Next, glue your black construction paper onto the box and make sure your line for taping or gluing is visible. Allow your tot to decorate with glitter, foil shapes, etc.
  5. When the images are dry, reshape the box into the cone shape and either hot glue or tape it into place.
  6. For additional trim, you can cut out star shapes and sprinkle silver glitter on them. When they dry, you can attach them to the base of the hat for a magical touch.
  7. Itty bitty witches who may have a tougher time keeping a topper on their head may benefit from two ribbons to wrap around their chins. Simply hot glue the attachments onto the inside of the hat at the base of their ears.
  8. For the wand, give your child a black marker and one chopstick or pencil. Let her go to town painting it black with a Sharpie marker and allow it to dry.
  9. Take some old, but clean recycled foil and shape it into a star shape. Stick the star atop the chopstick and shazam! she's got herself a wicked wand.

Now for the apparel:

  1. Take a clean pair of old fishnet hose and cut the feet out of them. Depending on your child's arm span, you may want to keep the stockings attached at the seat and allow her to put the tights on like a shrug. You can cut the excess off leaving the attached panty portion running across her back. Otherwise, you can cut the tights off and use a ribbon or twine to attach the loose ends across her back.
  2. Next, slip a short sleeved black dress or shirt and skirt over the netted ensemble. Put on tights or long socks to keep her wee limbs warm for trick or treating. If you've got stripes or polka dots, give them a go as they will add some spunk to the ebony do.
  3. Complete the look with a funky pair of shoes, some creepy makeup and the new fancy topper!
  4. To read all of our ECOWEEN coverage, click here.

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