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'Wolf Dad' makes 'Tiger Mom' Look Like a Kitten

'Wolf Dad' makes 'Tiger Mom' Look Like a Kitten

'Wolf Dad' makes 'Tiger Mom' Look Like a Kitten

Chinese parents are in an uproar over China's latest media sensation, Xiao Baiyou. In his parenting guide, the self-proclaimed "Wolf Dad" promotes his extreme parenting tactics, including beating his children and not allowing them to have any friends.

Baiyou claims his parenting methods got three of his four children into China's prestigious Peking University, but critics are skeptical. China's The Daily Worker wrote, "Wolf daddy can only train wolf cubs. This story has nothing to do with human beings." Baiyou's wife and children have also complained about his harsh methods.


Do extreme discipline methods help children become successful and happy adults?

Image Source: via NPR

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