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Woman Charged with Murder for Nursing Infant with Meth-Laced Breast Milk

Woman Charged with Murder for Nursing Infant with Meth-Laced Breast Milk

The advice given to nursing moms to "pump and dump" after drinking or using drugs now has a sad poster child. Maggie Jean Wortmon, a 26-year-old Northern California woman, consumed so much of the drug methamphetamine one night last year that her breast milk became poisonous and her baby boy, Michael, died after drinking it.

Last Wednesday Wortmon was arraigned on charges of second-degree murder, child abuse and involuntary manslaughter. If found guilty, she could be sentenced to 15 years in prison.

While Wortman's attorney maintains that the charges are excessive, as Wortman had never before taken meth, Humboldt County deputy district attorney Ben McLaughlin told The New York Times: "I think that her conduct is, or was, so intentionally reckless that it rises to the level of implied malice." In defending the charges he asked, "Does it give one meth-addicted mother pause before she breast-feeds? As trite as it sounds, if it does, then it is a success.”


Via The New York Times

Should Wortman go to jail?

Image Source: INeedCoffee via Flickr/Creative Commons

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