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Woman Charged with Murder for Nursing Infant with Meth-Laced Breast Milk

Woman Charged with Murder for Nursing Infant with Meth-Laced Breast Milk

The advice given to nursing moms to "pump and dump" after drinking or using drugs now has a sad poster child. Maggie Jean Wortmon, a 26-year-old Northern California woman, consumed so much of the drug methamphetamine one night last year that her breast milk became poisonous and her baby boy, Michael, died after drinking it.

Last Wednesday Wortmon was arraigned on charges of second-degree murder, child abuse and involuntary manslaughter. If found guilty, she could be sentenced to 15 years in prison.

While Wortman's attorney maintains that the charges are excessive, as Wortman had never before taken meth, Humboldt County deputy district attorney Ben McLaughlin told The New York Times: "I think that her conduct is, or was, so intentionally reckless that it rises to the level of implied malice." In defending the charges he asked, "Does it give one meth-addicted mother pause before she breast-feeds? As trite as it sounds, if it does, then it is a success.”


Via The New York Times

Should Wortman go to jail?

Image Source: INeedCoffee via Flickr/Creative Commons

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Jacqueline94669 Jacqueline94669 5 years
If she was on drugs the baby should have been taken away from her in the first place!
Chelsi95271 Chelsi95271 5 years
YES!!! I mean geez what u do is ur bizness but u shudnt do it when around ur children if ur going to first off and secondly she knew it wud be in her milk that messed up!!
ElizabethBrooks13846 ElizabethBrooks13846 5 years
Yes, the ability to pump and dump is no excuse to be taking illicit drugs. I am surprised after taking so much meth that she even had the presence of mid to pump and dump.
KimHardwick KimHardwick 5 years
Yes, she should go to jail. How could a mother breastfeed her baby knowing drugs are in her system. What a complete dumb ass and oviously that doesn't even begin to cover what she did to that poor little baby boy. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I cannot understand people, how dumb is this women to not think that would not be deadly for her baby.
JessicaKozel JessicaKozel 5 years
This shouldn't even be a question! Let the woman rot in jail for the rest of her life, eff the 15 year sentence! She killed her child by being irresponsible and negligent to her duties. I couldn't even indulge in a single beer if i was breastfeeding, let alone take so many drugs to toxify my milk. Shame on her
JuliaMoenchParent JuliaMoenchParent 5 years
Nowhere in the NY Times article does it mention that this woman used the pump and dump method. Which is stated for LEGAL contaminants in the breast milk, ie: alcohol. Your opening and title are trying to make this more controversial maybe? The NY times article also states that this woman had prior drug charges, and friends and family both told her she should use formula. So I think the real question is what is wrong with the system that allowed this woman to keep custody of her six week child in the first place?
alishadrapeau alishadrapeau 5 years
WHy did she even have her baby if she is a drug addict??
CandyGonzales CandyGonzales 5 years
Yes, she should go to jail, im sure she knew the consequences of what might happen to her baby or something. Maybe she'll learn her lesson the next time around. DON'T Do Drugs and Don't NURSE IF U DO!
CoMMember13631050206473 CoMMember13631050206473 5 years
I'm suprised a meth head would even consider nursing.
HillaryHenson HillaryHenson 5 years
What a horrible story and horrible things being said as well, maybe post prart depression, mental illness, stress or who knows what else made her try it for the FIRST time. I have 2 children and 1 more on the way even though the doctors tell me i can nurse while on my medications for mental illness i dont. but it is pushed on me extreamly hard to do so. Maybe she wasnt educated on what gets passed through milk and what isnt. If the med combo i take is "safe" then i dont get it. Its tragic yes but jail time i just dont know.
GailPerry65154 GailPerry65154 5 years
Its common knowledge that while nursing, what goes in, goes out in your milk, and to the baby. This woman isnt stupid, at least she wasnt until she "tried" meth for the "first" time. And the biggest problem is she did so much this "first" time her milk was poisoned. Pump and dump makes no sense here. Either bottle feed, or better yet, dont do drugs while you have resposibilities, or not at all! Disorder or not, there are PLENTY of places and numbers for stressed, PND Mothers, and etc to call 24/7 365 FOR FREE. There is NO excuse except stupidity... And unfortunately another young life was taken because of it..
DonnaMcQuaid DonnaMcQuaid 5 years
If this woman had put drugs in a bottle and given it to her child, they'd throw the book at her...I feel what she did was no different. Addicted or not, when you become a parent, your child comes first, PERIOD!! If you need help, get it...there are plenty of free government programs out there. It's just sick to think she would put her child to her breast after a night of drugging.
JackieNemeth JackieNemeth 5 years
AngieRodriguez AngieRodriguez 5 years
This is a heartbreaking story for all involved. Breastfeeding is so pushed on Mothers and if she was off her face, she probably just thought she was doing the right thing. Such a silly woman for even doing drugs especial being pregnant or having a newborn. She obviously needs help and I think this is just a tragic story.
deborahrubendra deborahrubendra 5 years
Nothing to say but a big YES
CoMMember13614990340054 CoMMember13614990340054 5 years
Is that suppose to sound better she never did Meth before..well thats great, glad you waited till you were breast feeding to try it!! Poor baby Michael I hope this child gets justice unlike Caylee Anthony. so sad to read these stories.Mothers are suppose to protect their young not put them to harm
JessicaKissinger JessicaKissinger 5 years
Wow.... I mean, I know she probably feels terrible, but she should have KNOWN not to even have her baby near or with her while doing drugs. Let alone BREAST FEED her kid! >.<
LizB55156 LizB55156 5 years
Why on earth was she breastfeeding?
traceychampion68780 traceychampion68780 5 years
I did not breast feed my two children, but I did try with my first. You get told by nurses and others that what goes into your body goes into the babies. I would think after pregnancy that the would not leave a mother's mind. she was reckless in taking the drugs regardless of her state of mind at the time or the fact that she had never taken drugs before. She still knew that she was putting a drug *METH* into her system and by her one choice it cost her son his life.
CoMMember13631154712699 CoMMember13631154712699 5 years
Yes she should go to jail this is getting to be crazy, like she didn't know what ever she ate or drinks comes out thru the breast milk, yep put her dumb meth ass in jail
RhionnaHerbert RhionnaHerbert 5 years
Whilst I agree that what she did was wrong and pretty stupid, have any of you considered that she may have been suffering with PND, she may have been struggling to cope. I do agree that women need to learn from this and some time in rehab possibly prison but she is forever going to suffef for having a night out, she lost her child and will have to live with the fact that she killed him.
SharonHann48742 SharonHann48742 5 years
yews she should
OliviaStewart37119 OliviaStewart37119 5 years
Duh. This is horrible. smh
shannongould11473 shannongould11473 5 years
It's a tragic thing that a baby has again died at the hands of an addict. Recommending pump and dump is so rediculous sounding!! How about don't use period! Meth is illegal!??
MalikaJefferson MalikaJefferson 5 years
yes she should....she obviously wasn't thinking of her baby so why should anyone care tho think of her life.
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