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Woman Experiences Phantom Pregnancy

Couple Expecting Quintuplets Learn the Woman Wasn't Actually Pregnant

Couples experience a range of emotions when they learn they're expecting — gratefulness, a little fear, and a lot of happiness. For one man in Canada, however, the news of his girlfriend's pregnancy has gone from exciting to confusing. Paul Servat, who was expecting his girlfriend to deliver quintuplets, recently learned that the mom-to-be was never actually pregnant. During a visit to the doctor, Servat was told that his girlfriend showed no signs of ever being pregnant, despite the fact that his girlfriend showcased many pregnancy symptoms, including morning sickness, a growing stomach, and even lactation.

"We were so happy," Servat told The Huffington Post. "Even my parents, they were so looking forward to having grandchildren. I lost my whole life."

To see what doctors have to say on the "phantom pregnancy," read the full story on The Huffington Post.

Source: Canada Francais

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Candace75368 Candace75368 3 years

I agree....she "assumed" she was carrying quintuplets. a basket case. so sad.


I am no shrink,but there are people out there just like her who lie on a Grand scale to absorb that moment of feeling extra special.The more babies she supposedly had the more special she thought she would be treated.As for her tummy,well eat a block of chocolate every day for a month then pretend you are pregnant with quins.This artice would be more suited at the foot of her bed on the clip board in the psycho ward.She did not care who's feelings would be hurt from this.
I was 17 and working in a grocery store in the 70's.A worker there told the staff he had won a fully furnished,2 storey ocean front home up the coast and $100,000 spending money.All the staff were so happy for him and did a collection for a house warming present as he was leaving.I chipped in but voiced my suspicions at the grand scale of the sudden fortune and was cut down by the older staff. He stupidly gave the address and 2 months later staff members went up there for a surprise drop in.They knocked on the door of the address he left of a run down appartment in a run down block of flats in a slum area and guess who answered the door ? I didn't have to say I told you so,and it was the lunch room topic for weeks.

TyneFox TyneFox 3 years

I really wish they wouldn't refer to this as a 'Phantom Pregnancy', which is an actual medical condition, from what I've read, this woman is suffering from some kind of mental issues. I feel sorry for everyone involved.

FrancinePrevost FrancinePrevost 3 years

This story broke out in Canada about 2 weeks ago, so it's old news at this point and there's nothing confusing about it, she lied about her pregnancy and it was not the first time as well.

LinyaOwens LinyaOwens 3 years

okay without an ultrasound I was pregnant with twins and it never occurred to me that was or even could be and that was my third pregnancy we just happen to stumble into the news at the end of the exam. So she is definitely a liar if she were pregnant you feel no different from one baby to the next.

ShabanaHaq ShabanaHaq 3 years

How would one think they are pregnant? Did they even do an ultra sound?
An ultra sound would have shown an empty uterus.
what the hell. sounds more like mental illness to me than an actual phantom pregnancy

RonaAdams RonaAdams 3 years

I'm pretty sure she faked the whole thing but was so convincing she showed some signs of pregnancy, even tricked her body.

AndreaSchupp AndreaSchupp 3 years

read this article on another webpage and it stated she thought they were twins, triplets, then quads, and finally quintuplets... she even new gender because names had been picked out. IM SORRY BUT.... this woman is a liar... although the phantom pg is a real thing, the psychosis that went along with it was what made her completely a lie.

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