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Woman Gives Birth in DC Traffic Jam

Woman Gives Birth in DC Traffic Jam

A woman stuck in a traffic jam in Northeast Washington yesterday gave birth to her baby in her car, with coaching from a 911 dispatcher. Around 6:30 a.m. on Tuesday, the woman felt heavy contractions and called 911. The disptacher talked her through the delivery, and the baby was born before emergency crews arrived.

The mother and child were taken to a hospital, and both are doing fine.

Read the whole story at the Washington Post.

Did you have a crazy delivery?

jeanamsl jeanamsl 6 years
hope there both ok
CoMMember13631169813627 CoMMember13631169813627 6 years
My daughter was born ( at 33 weeks) in the back of an ambulance, just as we pulled into the parking lot of the hospital. Early that morning, my water broke in bed. My neighbor is an OBGYN and she asked to step in and help the firefighters deliver my daughter. So as we drove on the highway, she cut my episiotomy, I started pushing and out my daughter came. There was a team of doctors and nurses waiting for us since she was premature. They wrapped her in blankets and ran inside with her. My daughter and I were both fortunate to have had some guardian angels looking out for us that day!
natashajoaquin natashajoaquin 6 years
I was pregnant with twins and made the mistake of taking a bath to help with the "back ache" my contractions came on strong and so my husband and I didn't rush but did hurry to get to our birthing center when we arrived I knew I couldn't walk so he went to get a nurse to help and well in the short few seconds he was getting help I gave birth to our first twin on my own as the nurses scrambled to get things together I had another nurse stuck between the front seat and dash board of our van trying to help turn our second twin she was breach, feet first........ Although they were premies and born outside in the cold they were both healthy and wonderful joys
TammyPope45201 TammyPope45201 6 years
I was born in the car. It all turned out fine. Birth is generally a normal process. I had two of my four children at home. On purpose.
SaskiaOakley SaskiaOakley 6 years
My best friend had hers at home her husband delivered the baby with someone on the phone giving instrutions. The ambulance arrived minutes after the little girl was born :)
MelissaIrvin72624 MelissaIrvin72624 6 years
Saw the accident on the news but didn't hear anything about the delivery, just about the three fatalities in traffic accidents. They always cover the the sad stuff, never the good stuff.
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