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Woman Gives Birth In Front Seat of Her Minivan

Woman Gives Birth In Front Seat of Her Minivan

In another amazing delivery story, Wisconsin mom Rebecca Herrick delivered her son in the passenger seat of her minivan while fiance Shawn Lewer raced them to the hospital. 

Rebecca had been to the hospital once with early contractions but was sent home as her cervix wasn't responding. Once at home, the contractions began again so they got back in the car for another drive to the hospital, but baby Elijah James decided to arrive a bit early. 

Read the whole story. 

Did you have a memorable drive to the hospital? 


Image Source: via Daily Mail

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GlorethaGray GlorethaGray 5 years
These babies are not playing these days, the first pain and the baby is here, WOW!! those babies are in a rush.
LisaNeill57443 LisaNeill57443 5 years
Get off your soap box. Just like delivering at the hospital isn't for everyone, delivering at home is not for everyone. Its sad how judgmental some women can be towards other women. Why can't we just celebrate that her baby was born healthy?
LizAlway LizAlway 5 years
I find this so frustrating. As a mom of 3 who's chosen to have 2 at home I feel really bad for all the women who are conned into believing that birthing in the hospital is the only way. I can't imagine the stress of giving birth in a moving vehicle. Let's let women know that if you are heathy and the baby is healthy, stay home! Welcome that new life in quite, serenity and peace!
LauraWhittaker LauraWhittaker 5 years
Happened to me, they sent me home because labour wasn't progressing, it was still 3 weeks till my due date. I went home, and relaxed then out of nowhere, an hour later my labour kicked in full. We live 10 mins from the hospital, she was born 10 mins after we arrived - my husband parked the car and walked in when her head was coming out.
MadieKnudson MadieKnudson 5 years
Mist Gibson, how did you have babies 3 months apart??
CandiceSweetman CandiceSweetman 5 years
Yip, I had a similar story was sent home and then baby arrived will driving back to the hospital so delivered my own baby in the car what an experience that we will never forget....
CoMMember13628199108931 CoMMember13628199108931 5 years
Once I was in full on labor with my third son it was 3:55 am. I called my dr. and the hospital, paced my driveway waiting for my mom to watch my other boys, husband drove 90+mph to hospital (thank goodness it was the middle of the night), parked he car at the front door, walked upstairs, sat on the bed and had my baby at 5:05 am. It was a very stressful and tense hour and ten minutes. I wasn't even admitted yet. My husband wanted to take the car to the garage, glad he didn't!!
MistyGibson14436 MistyGibson14436 5 years
On Feb 5 2009 I went into labor with my 2nd son. I wasn't even half way to the Birthing Center when I had him. and to bet it all a little over three months later I went into labor with my 3rd son 5 weeks early and meet the Ambulance at the end of our road and no sooner then they put me in my son was born. Theres not many people that can say they had their kids in a car so that makes us special but how many can say they've had more then one in a car? Thats something.
MelanieGomez84506 MelanieGomez84506 5 years
I know how that is, i went to the hospital and labored for 12 hours and only got to 2 1/2 then was sent home. labored at home for 6 more hours, went back to hospital at 12 am, and 3 hours later baby was out!! i went so fast the dr wasnt even ready!!!
JenniferGregory12906 JenniferGregory12906 5 years
My water broke with Aiden during Hurricane Frances in 2004. The wind was crazy, the street lights were out (thankfully it was late at night). When we got settled into the hospital my husband got disappointed when he found out the hospital was on generators and the vending machines were not on.
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