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Woman Has Dead Husband's Baby

Would You Freeze Your Dying Husband's Sperm to Use Later?

Lisa Roberts, a 34–year–old British woman, lost her husband, James a few years ago to a devastating bone cancer.

Already a mother to seven–year–old son Cameron, the couple chose to freeze James' sperm before he started his cancer treatments.

Hoping he would fight off the illness, they were prepared to use the frozen sperm for future fertilization to grow their family. Sadly, things didn't turn out that way and the father died.

As he laid in hospice during his last days, he asked his wife if she would ever use the sperm, to which she replied, "Definitely." Taking a couple of years to grieve and pick up the pieces, Lisa couldn't fathom pregnancy again without her spouse. But as she pulled her life back together, she knew it was time to welcome James's second child into the world.

After calling various IVF units, Lisa found one that would help her fulfill her wish. Pregnant on the first try, the mum was thrilled and excited to welcome a baby girl into her life with James watching from above. As fate would have it, she swears Jaimie–Rose (named after her father) looks like him, too.

If you knew your spouse was going to die, would you freeze his sperm for future use?

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