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Woman Gives Birth to Rare Type of Quadruplets

It's rare to have quadruplets, but some quadruplet births are exceptionally rare. That's what recently happened to a family in Tilden, NE.

According to Fox19, Sabrina Negus's ultrasound initially showed three, then four babies in the womb. Quadruplets often develop from four eggs, one for each baby. But in her rare case, there were two eggs: one egg developed into triplets, and the second egg developed separately. Giving birth to such a bounty required 33 medical staff members in two operating rooms, with each baby having two doctors and a team of three or four staff members. With such a high-risk pregnancy, delivery could have easily turned into a nightmare, so the Negus family feels "incredibly real blessed" that the babies are healthy — and sleeping about five hours at night.

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