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Woman Implanted With Wrong Embryos

How Would You Handle the Implant of Wrong Embryos?

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After years of trying to successfully become pregnant, a viable pregnancy is the best news a reproductively challenged couple can receive. The rush of emotion is overwhelming, but not quite as strong as what they will feel in a few weeks when they learn that they were implanted with the wrong embryos.

Such is the case for Carolyn and Sean Savage of Sylvania, OH, who were faced with the decision to either terminate the pregnancy or carry it to term and hand over the newborn to its biological parents. Due to their religious beliefs, the Savages will serve as surrogates and hand the baby over to the genetic parents upon its birth. Given Carolyn Savage's medical history, this is the last pregnancy she can physically handle. Though doctors and fertility clinics are quick to explain the rarity of the situation, it is truly every fertility patient's worst nightmare. How would you handle such a situation if it happened to you?

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