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Woman in Labor Ticketed While Rushing to Hospital

She packed her bags and hoped to make it to the hospital on time, but expectant mama Jennifer Davis was soon sidelined by an unexpected situation. While en route to a Cambridge hospital, the mom to be and her husband, John, were told by two state troopers that they could use the breakdown lane as traffic was heavy, but a third officer pulled them over and gave them a $100 ticket. Before he issued it, he made the couple that were in an obvious rush, wait while he handed out another citation then had Jennifer prove she was pregnant. After the incident, the couple welcomed a baby girl named Charlotte.

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CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
Its the law, and its SUPER DANGEROUS to drive in the breakdown lane. But i would have rather he escorted them, than to be a d*ck about it.
PiNkY-PiNk PiNkY-PiNk 8 years
omg, how did he want her to prove she was pregnant? did he ask her to pull up her shirt? I'm guessing this woman was pretty big considering she gave birth shortly after. I hope he receives disciplinary actions. I agree with everyone else, why not escort them?
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
Thats so ridiculous. I would be so p*ssed if i was her.
ccpdm ccpdm 8 years
Words escape me.
tweet-hotpants tweet-hotpants 8 years
one time my then-boyfriend (now husband) was pulled over for speeding while he was taking me to the hospital for kidney stones. the officer let us go when he saw me curled up in the passenger's seat crying my eyes out in pain...
roxtarchic roxtarchic 8 years
They should write a "strongly worded" letter to the powertripping officers superior, and cc his superior, include a few copies of the articles printed about the incident and request disciplinary action. If a cop were to pull us over when i was en route during labor, and made us WAIT??? i cant even imagine how i would have reacted.... we had an hour drive & my son was born w/in three hours of our arrival to the hospital. he's lucky that she didnt encounter any problems w/the delivery as a result of his actions.... and i guess that's the bigger picture... everyone's healthy.
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 8 years
Sounds like a power trip to me on the third officer's part.
Greggie Greggie 8 years
Why didn't either of the first two policemen offer her an escort either? I don't understand just saying "Yeah, use the breakdown lane. Later!" The guy's a total jerk for issuing the ticket and I'm guessing they can fight it in court, but I don't get why they were just sent on their merry way the first two times.
kiwitwist kiwitwist 8 years
how ridiculous... like the others have stated. What a jerk.
Jessiebanana Jessiebanana 8 years
I could understand if they were speeding and potentially endangering others or themselves, but they weren't and the fact that this prick was more concerned with the law then the safety of this woman and her unborn child is disgusting. If he honestly felt a "moral" dilemma he could have turned on his siren and escorted them, like the previous poster suggested.
buddynpumpkin buddynpumpkin 8 years
That is crazy. Perhaps the officer could have escorted them to the hospital instead. Hopefully they can fight it!
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