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Woman Sets Husband on Fire

Moms Sets Her Husband on Fire, but Wait Until You Hear Why

We may joke about wanting to kill or hurt our husbands, but one Washington woman actually did it. While her husband, Vincent Phillips, was sound asleep, Tatanysha Hedman doused him in gasoline and set him on fire. Phillips fled to a nearby convenience store where a clerk called 911. Police arrested Hedman, but when they took her into questioning they discovered something shocking. Hedman said Phillips had physically and sexually assaulted their daughter, and this was her way of getting justice. According to reports, Hedman said she set him on fire because, "shooting him was too nice." Detectives suggest Phillips, who is currently in the intensive care unit for severe burns, be charged with first-degree child molestation upon his release. Hedman is also facing charges for arson and assault, but we have a feeling the police may be a little more lenient on the protective mama.

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GeorgiaLynnCollinsJordan GeorgiaLynnCollinsJordan 2 years

I have a friend that his daughter said for years that her dad molested her. He was arrested and went to court. He plead guilty to the charges. Years later this girl grew into a young woman she apologized to her father for lieing. She had been coached and brain washed for years to say the things she said. To late for my friend.... he is a registered sex offender....for the rest off his life. By the way he plead guilty so the daughter he loved so much wouldn't have to go through the horrors of a trail.... not because he did something wrong.

WhitneyHicks1391143331 WhitneyHicks1391143331 2 years

... but then the baby would either die, come out with birth defects or brain damage

DavidMcCaig1388939885 DavidMcCaig1388939885 2 years

You absolute bitch.
I had a daughter who died of a brain tumour when she was 14 and I have suffered heart failure as a result of the grief experienced from her death.

I did everything I could to keep her self to the point of being so overprotective my wife had to reel me in. To her I had this saying, "For a while I saw how beautiful the world could be just because you breathed".
My love for her had no end, so if anyone has the right to judge it is me. Setting fire to someone is not the answer, though I would be tempted to do so.
But what he would have done he has to answer to, and if I torched him I would have to go to jail and regret what I had done for the rest of my life, How could I be for my daughter then, just when she needed me most? She'd be without her dad to love, support and provide her with financial security. I'd be without the person who, along with my life is the very air that I breathe.

This lady, should she go to jail and she should, will leave her children without parents to raise them and they will likely have to live in foster. How can she protect them then?

Does your thirst for vengeance leave you so short-sighted that you cannot see that? If so, then, unlike myself, it is you who does not deserve the privilege of raising a child. So get stuffed, freak.

DavidMcCaig1388939885 DavidMcCaig1388939885 2 years

Light up the woman who drinks while pregnant, yes? Also, the man's family now has the justification to light her up, non?

DavidMcCaig1388939885 DavidMcCaig1388939885 2 years

Light up the mom who drinks while pregnantt.

DavidMcCaig1388939885 DavidMcCaig1388939885 2 years

Light up the mom who drinks while pregnant.

louanaellis1379495152 louanaellis1379495152 2 years

Fock that it's validated!! Anybody who molest a child deserves to be lit on fire! Anyone who sticks up for a molester deserves yo azz lit up too! You clearly are not a mom & if u are I l feel bad for ur kids! Shame on u!! That mom did what any mom would do! Fock dialing 911 vigilante justice u pansy azz

Nuru83473 Nuru83473 2 years

good! anyone who tries to hurt my daughter i will light him up! good

KathyDuane1382640192 KathyDuane1382640192 2 years

And they believe her story?

DarleneMoten DarleneMoten 2 years

You are right. Help us Lord.

Krissy15732813 Krissy15732813 2 years

In a perfect world, this would happen every time. But unless you catch one of these monsters in the act and take a photo, there's no promise of justice.

rachelchitongo1395134740 rachelchitongo1395134740 2 years

Yes men like him can run before they burn

rachelchitongo1395134740 rachelchitongo1395134740 2 years

Usually the justice system is a little too late and the act go unpunished, she did what she did, whether we think its right or wrong we do not know how she herself has suffered

rachelchitongo1395134740 rachelchitongo1395134740 2 years

you either don;t have kids or have never seen children suffer. I live in South Africa where rape is rife especially of minors. Children can lie yes but like everyone else here we don;t know the full story. I would not blame her if he did it

rachelchitongo1395134740 rachelchitongo1395134740 2 years

law doesn't work all the time, I wonder how lawyers sleep at night when they know they defended guilty criminals and actually won, We cannot judge this woman, we do not have a clue of how much damage has been done to her child or what even drove her to this decision. I wouldn't know what I would if I were in her shoes

DavidMcCaig1388939885 DavidMcCaig1388939885 2 years

She had lots of time to come to her senses. This was a premeditated assault on her husband for which she will now go to jail. Who's going to protect her children now?

DavidMcCaig1388939885 DavidMcCaig1388939885 2 years

Wow, you need more help than he does.

DavidMcCaig1388939885 DavidMcCaig1388939885 2 years

Well, if you want to throw the law out the window he has just as much right to pick a reason to murder someone as anyone else, non?

DavidMcCaig1388939885 DavidMcCaig1388939885 2 years

You are sick.

DavidMcCaig1388939885 DavidMcCaig1388939885 2 years

If she had proof then she should have contacted the police. Now the man's family has the right to torch her.

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