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Womb Names: 7 Kinds of Prenatal Nicknames

Do you give your babies prenatal nicknames? "Womb names," as some moms call them, are a fun way to bond with a little one during pregnancy, especially when you haven't yet settled on (or disclosed) the official name.

While unique baby names are all the rage these days, we've noticed that womb names tend to be a bit more predictable. Here are seven of the most popular types we've seen on Circle of Moms:

1. Legumes

Not surprisingly, a bean- or peanut-shaped ultrasound image has inspired many a womb name. As Tracey M. shares: “My first child was named Beaner when it was in the womb because on the first ultrasound he looked like a little bean.” Kim W. chose a similar moniker: “I’ve nick named mine jelly bean, as it looks like a jelly bean in my first scan.”


2. Other Foods

Babies are indeed delicious, and many moms strike this note with womb names that are completely unrelated to the baby’s bean-like shape and size. Shelly explains: “All my kids were nicknamed after baked goods. My first three were Muffin, Croissant, and Cupcake. This one is Rugelah :) Rugi for short.” Felicia T. also took a food-based approach with her children’s womb names: “My son is Punkin…My daughter started off as Punkin but her bubby told me one day so cutely that HE was Punkin, so she became Noodle.”

3. Animals

New moms also tend to draw inspiration for their baby's first nicknames from the animal kingdom, choosing references to young or small animals. Sally D. relays: “My niece, who is pregnant now, has referred to her baby as 'tadpole' since the first ultrasound picture. Poor thing is probably gonna be known as "Tadpole" all her life...LOL.” Bug names are also pretty popular. As Jessica J. shares: “Bub is always referred to as 'lil critter.'

4. Decoy Names

Some of the funniest prenatal nicknames arise when pregnant women try to throw off nosy friends or family members who insist on knowing the real name. “A friend of mine ‘called’ her baby Eider as her partners name was Down,” shares Marian B. “We were so used to it being Baby Eider that when she was born we had to get used to her being Jessica. Caused a lot of amusement.”

5. Baby's Motions

From “Wiggles” to “Nudger,” womb nicknames are also often inspired by a baby's prenatal acrobatics. “Sometimes I call him BeeBop for all his dancing around,” Shauna H. shares. And Stephanie admits: “I call mine ‘Monkey’ because I swear it's like this baby is monkeying around in there all the time :) lol."

6. Mom's Belly

Mom’s growing belly is another common cause for prenatal nicknames. “Number 3 is Bump/Road Bump as I’ve got a big bump with her,” says Chrissie T. And Michelle M. settled on “Bubbles” based on feedback from her eldest. “Jadzia decided that my pregnant belly looked like a bubble.”

7. The Basics

Other moms, like Sharon M., prefer a pretty basic nickname. “Inside the womb our son was Baby M. This one is Baby M2 and our third and final will be.... yep you guessed it, Baby M3.” Other options in this category include “Junior” or simply “Baby.”

Join The Conversation
DesOLeary DesOLeary 4 years
My daughter was Gummy Bear because that's what she looked like in the ultrasound and my baby boy is currently being called Otter Pop because he was swimming around like an otter the first time we saw him in an ultrasound. :)
LauraZoeyBlack LauraZoeyBlack 5 years
I didn't use one name, I'd refer to my baby as 'baby' 'sweetie' 'sweet pea' etc. but usually just 'the baby" until I found out eaches sex and then they had a name and everyone knew their names. It was wonderful to have people ask 'hows Eric?' while I was pregnant! It seemed so much more personal and loving to me to name my babies ASAP.
ThoraSiegel ThoraSiegel 6 years
My first, a girl, got "Sweet Potato" and my second, a boy, got "Bubba". I still call him Bubs.
ClaireGreenfield ClaireGreenfield 6 years
we called our first baby "Fergus the Foetus" and our second was "Bump-a- diddle"
lorithoresen lorithoresen 6 years
our first we called peanut because it was what the first ultrasound looked like, and when we looked at the ultrasound for baby #2, our now 5 year old said- It looks like an olive! So, we have a peanut and an olive.
MalissaHance MalissaHance 6 years
When I was carrying twins my husband would refer to them as Six and Seven, between my friend and I they were Reuben and Ethel. My first son (we didn't know the gender) was It (which I got a lot of flack for) and my second son was Squishy.
VeronicaZundel VeronicaZundel 6 years
My son was 'Jo-Jo' because we didn't know whether he was going to be John or Joanna. I then discovered a range of maternity clothes called 'Jo-Jo Maman Bébé' and later a friend sent us a picture book all about Jo-Jo who decided to wear his food instead of eating it.
NaomiFlonnory NaomiFlonnory 6 years
Our first baby was "meatball" because all I would eat were meatball subs from Subway. Although my love of the meatball sub has faded, my 12 year old son is still called "meatball" :)
SarahAnneVandermeulenZils SarahAnneVandermeulenZils 6 years
We called my daughter "Belly-Bean" while i was prego. We picked the name Izabella for a girl and when we found out she was a girl, we started saying "Izabella is a belly" which just turned into Izabelly. we still use belly-bean as her nickname and have even used it to name our bakery.
KateOBrien60722 KateOBrien60722 6 years
I've got 2 kids. In utero, they were Beetle and Bug. They were little and the first movements felt like insects crawling inside me tummy. They also looked rather insect-like on their first scans.
vvNiki vvNiki 6 years
mine was Peanut or Blob. guys loved to hear that one. I have a peanut. HUh?! my blob...... what?! :) priceless.....
MaryDavidson MaryDavidson 6 years
When I was pregnant with my first, we called her Baby Bear. It felt very endearing. But then with #2, well...we just called her #2. Much less endearing, so I've been trying to make up for it all these months.
BernadetteKeenan BernadetteKeenan 6 years
Our little girl was named 'squiggle' in the early stages 'being on board'!!! Well in the first scan that's exactly what she looked like, a little squiggle :-)!
courtneykeats courtneykeats 6 years
we called our little girl when she was in the womb sook-sook lol
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