Women Buy Time by Freezing Their Eggs
Women Buy Time by Freezing Their Eggs

The May issue of Marie Claire has babies covered, from Baby Mama star and real-life mom Tina Fey on the cover to a firsthand account of egg banking inside.

In a steady relationship but not ready to have children, writer Sarah Elizabeth Richards bought herself some time and peace of mind by freezing her eggs.

As she approached her 37th birthday, Sarah spent her $13,000 savings to do so. She wrote:

"For once, I didn't have to be that anxious girl trying to beat some fertility expiration date anymore. I could simply admire a baby and wonder what mine would look like someday, the way I used to before the biological clock started."

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Approximately 220 American clinics now offer egg freezing, though the process is still new, as only about 500 babies have been born of it. For more information on egg banking, check out the latest issue of Marie Claire.

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Photos by Erin Patrice O'Brien