There are playdates of hair-raising proportions for moms who want more of a rush than packed lunches and carpools offer. Adventure moms, trade in their tots for a thrill and sometimes, a bit of terror. A recent article about a group of Bay Area mothers in the San Francisco Chronicle said:

"The point is to do something outside your comfort zone, something new," said Hana Yoon, 35, a new member who is a full-time mother of two.

The women of all ages and walks of life have motherhood in common and meet monthly for excursions from bike riding to indoor skydiving. And, sea kayaking to go-cart racing. To hear about another active mama,


My friend's mother used to pick her up from birthday parties wearing a swimsuit and towel when we were little. She'd take advantage of her free time by going for a dip out in the ocean. And even with two kids, she ran marathons, biked, surfed, and would throw herself in the sand while playing beach volleyball. I began to appreciate what a daring woman she was once I had my own daughter and stopped jaywalking.

What's your ultimate adventure?