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Some women want to wait to be mothers. Somedaymom is one of them. The Pregnancy Pact comes from the Someday Mom Diaries blog at OnSugar.

I made a pregnancy pact with two high school classmates this February. Don't worry, you don't have to call the principal. We're grown ups.

Let me share some backstory: My closest been-through-it-all-together girlfriends are settling down and entering the urban mommy decade — that leviathan span between 29 to 43. Between Sunday brunches, career crisis phone calls, double dates (or in my case, awkward set ups) and bridesmaid gown fittings, we've acknowledged marriage and motherhood are the next giant step in our lives. It's more than the gushing after of cute Stella McCartney for Gap duds. Our careers are in full gear. We have bank accounts. Life is very good. While it may not be ready this month, it lies ahead.


So this year we pledged to plan coinciding parenting years. We have a target induce date, but I'm not telling. (I'm single, remember!) Why the pact? Because if our history and watching our pregnant and already mom peers has taught us anything, it's that we are going to need support. In an ideal world we will have the unyielding devotion of the baby's daddy, but there's some candor and camaraderie that can only come from a woman. Whether she's your best friend, mother, sister, or that stranger who tells you "that happens to me all the time too". We want to spend the final week of pregnancy with our feet propped up together, overlap our maternity leaves, and most of all, know there will be someone to call when life gives us stinky diapers.

LilSugar, which happens to be one of my favorite Sugar sites, once asked readers whether they'd created pacts with pals and the majority of moms said they had. I'm glad we're in this together.

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mstrauss mstrauss 7 years
Well, this is interesting. That's alot of pressure to get married/have babies at the same time! I had my son at the same time that one of my closest friends had her baby girl and while there were times when support was great, like when we first had the babies and sat around or shopped together, it was also very challenging since we had/have very different parenting styles. When you have children at the same time as your best friends, get ready for the critique and comments at every turn! My sister and I are now having babies within a few weeks of each other and I am already prepared for the lectures, etc. but I am learning how to take it in stride since we both know that we do some things the same and other things differently. I like to say "listen to the advice of your friends and family and then go home to complain to your husband about it."
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