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I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant Until I Had the Baby!

Occasionally we hear about women who say they didn't know they were pregnant until they went into labor. The tiny jolts I am currently feeling in my tummy make stories like that hard to believe, but the mommies in the video below are convincing that their unknowing pregnancy was the real deal.

Dr. Kristen Bendikson of USC told Good Morning America's Robin Roberts that these situations can occur when ladies suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome or enter their perimenopausal transition stage. In both cases, menstrual cycles aren't regular so missing a period may not denote pregnancy. Also a key factor for many women is their weight. The heavier a person is before pregnancy, the less noticeable a weight gain would be in a nine month period. Tell me, do you think you could have missed the pregnancy signals?

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aprilrobertson1392558695 aprilrobertson1392558695 3 years
im 22 im a mom to my 4 year old have any of u experienced this i had a normal period 28th i started spotting off and on pinkish red blood November 1st it stopped and nov i started spotting again same color well December i did the same thing ive took 3 pregancy test all negative jan and feb ive only spotted but this time i had alil blood clots something i have noticed when i whipe my self while not spotting i have clear discharge my mom thinks im pregnant because ive gotten pretty chunky and im all ways 154 pounds now im 180 i been craving food i keep feeling movments in my stomach and if i get up set i start hurting below my stomachjan 2 i had woke up to sharp horrible pains in my stomach i was crying i will tell you one thing i dont no whats going on with me im very moody sleepy tired my back hurts and my boobs are sore
Myliah14429945 Myliah14429945 4 years
Where do I submit a, "I didn't know I was prego" story?
naomianne naomianne 5 years
I think I am pregnant even though I'm on implanon. I know that the rate of women getting pregnant on implanon is 1 in 100, but i have all of the symptoms. I've had spotting instead of a period which can be confused with a side affect of implanon but I've had implanon for a year with no side affects. I have had morning sickness for about a month, my breasts are sore and growing. I have gone up two pant sizes in the last month because my stomache has gotten bigger and even the new pants barely fit around my stomache, but they are too big for my behind. I have had odd cravings for things I usually won't eat, and I am hungry more than usual. I'm tired all the time. My tummy feels heavier all the time. It hurts to bend down at work, and I am out of breath easier. I'm a small girl, I'm in great shape and normally I am very active. So all of this coming out of nowhere is odd. I have taken 5 pregnancy tests, 1 was positive, the rest were negitive. I am going to the doctor this week but after reading what a lot of women said on here, I'm not so sure a doctor can actually tell me if I am pregnant. I am nervous because this would be my first baby since I miscarried a few years ago. I feel more pregnant now than I did then. I'm looking for answers but haven't been able to find any. Hoping to be a mommy. It would be the best gift ever. But it looks like there is a chance I could either have to wait and see because doctors trust their tests more than their patients, or hope for possible results.
Lindsey2509023 Lindsey2509023 5 years
i know i am pregnant but the tests are negative i had a baby nine months ago and i think i got pregnant again when he was 6 weeks but the tests are still negative. i have all the symptoms and even leak and feel fetal movement. i have all kinds of pics showing me get bigger and rounder.
Kahlan83 Kahlan83 5 years
You have to be pretty ignorant to assume that because a woman didn't know she was pregnant she must be fat. That's unfair and bigoted. Walk a mile in the shoes of someone with a weight disorder (too fat or too thin). There are many reasons why someone would not know they were pregnant. Every pregnancy is different as well. You don't always get typical symptoms. Some women have excellent pregnancies with no morning sickness, no cravings, little to no weight gain. Your body will make sure that the baby gets everything it needs before it gives it to your other body parts. It's built in our DNA to look after our young before and after birth. Some women never test positive on a blood or urine test. There is no explanation. The simple truth is that doctors are smart and humans know quite a but about themselves but we don't know everything. Hence why there is no cure for Cancer, HIV and other diseases. It's okay to not understand why it happens but there are too many documented cases to say it "Doesn't" happen or "it's impossible" to not know. Don't put down people because they weren't the same as you. Be a little compassionate.
zombieeaterrs zombieeaterrs 5 years
When I tell people I had a baby by surprise, first I get told I should go on "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" and then some criticize, calling me a liar, and then saying "I'm a mother. You can't NOT know about being pregnant." Well obviously I can, and it's possible. I didn't know I was pregnant until about 8 hours before I had my son. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and before I had him, I haven't had a period in two years at least. I had very little morning sickness (everyone around me had a stomach virus at the time, so I thought that's what it was), I barely felt him kick (I thought it was gas), and that's the only real pregnancy signs I had. No cravings, no back pain, nothing. I had gained weight, but I also have arthritis in my hips, so I didn't moved much. And after being told I was not going to get pregnant, I didn't think the first time having sex would cause me to have a surprise baby. I hate that I didn't know, mainly because I was drinking alcohol while I was pregnant. During those eight hours in the hospital, I cried, hoping I didn't kill my son by not knowing. Luckily, he was born on December 23rd, 2010, and he was 7lbs 8ozs and 21 inches long. He was very healthy, and still is today. I don't have ultrasounds to flaunt around and put in my son's baby book. I don't have warrior stories about my pregnancy. I don't have anything. But I'm glad that I have a healthy, amazing, funny, personable, and energetic one year old. :)
aanda8104 aanda8104 5 years
As a woman that suffers from PCOS I believe this is very possible. I have gone yrs without a cycle. As I sit here now typing I wonder if I am pregnant. I have in the past with other pregnancies had neg HPT's so there's no since in taking them. I have gained about 12lbs in the last month alone and seen changes in me, but with the PCOS it just makes things difficult. I just hope that the one's posting here that say there is no possible way, ask yourself if this was cancer would you be saying the samething?
fresnolady fresnolady 5 years
My situation is somewhat different, for I feel I may be pregnant, but I'm not sure because the pregnancy test are all coming out negative, with the exception of one taken back in April with a faint positive line. One OB has taken bloodwork and said that it was negative also. He's my timeline: July 2001 - I've had a tubaligation (tubes tied, cut and burnt) Beg March 2011 - Began noticed a slight difference in clothing, not much, but noticeable considering I just lost 65 lbs. At the current time I was still doing circuit training (excersing with weights, bands, etc but doing it in a manner where it is fast and repetitious that is burning calories and working the cardio) Beg April 2011 - Noticed first "off" cycle that only lasted 2 days long. A little surprised since it was an all of a sudden movement, which my cycles are typically about 5 days with day 2-3 the heaviest ALWAYS. Also, I think it was about 2-3 days late, so we took several HPT and most were negative, but one very faint positive; and Aunt Flo decided to show up after taking the test the next morning. So, we thought nothing of it. May 2011 -- Took another HPT after cycles was coming slower than normal; maybe like a day or so late and it came out with neg. (Keep in mind, my cycles are like clockwork; every 25/26 days since 1991; with the exception with my other past pregnancy). My cycle comes on and last 2 days again. This time I schedule an OB appt to see what is going on. I discussed the situation and the pelvic pains I was having. She did a Pap, urine test, and blood work and everything came out fine. She told me to keep a journal of the cycles and see if it's a pattern. So, I didn't have any reason to believe I was preggo. June -- Start noticing I am gaining weight (apprx 1-2 lbs a month) even while working out 5 days a week and even ADDED additional cardio training in there. Some chalked it up as "muscle gain". Cycle still only 2 days. Started regurgitating after eating certain foods, but didn't think much of it since it was a spicy food and I had trained my body to only eat certain foods, and then I decided to one day eat a "forbidden food"; baked spicy wings without the skin. Started getting acne, which I haven't had since I was a teenager. July -- I am becoming discouraged working out since I am still putting on pounds and havent really changed my eating habits. Went to the another dr to check my cholestrol levels and discuss the pains I am still getting in my stomach, thinking if I was preggo it could be an ectopic pregnancy. He pretty much told me to not believe stuff I read and chalked it up as IBS or irritable bowel syndrome and gave me medication, which made me sick and I quit taking after day 1 because I know I don't have it, because I have absolutely no problem in that department. Visited a second doctor and he told me I had a goiter or an enlarged thyroid in which my primary doctor never noticed. Had more blood work done, thyroids come out normal as they have been in the last thyroid blood work I did less than 6 months ago. Cycles still 2 days. Also this month, had a spell where I was going through a few episodes of hot flashes? and feeling faint. Feeling some pains in abdominal and some flutters. August -- Cycles still 2 days; stomach getting noticeably bigger. I'm in constant pain in the pelvic and abdominal, but by this time, I'm tired of going to the doctors for them to tell me the same thing. Sept -- 2 day cycles still, stress from having to pack up and move, went to visit the doctors office yet AGAIN to discuss why am I steadily gaining weight, pelvic pains, and to check back up on the Goiter issue that I never took care of in the previous months to see if I needed to do anything. The doctor on staff that checked my vaginal and said that my uterus is measuring 16 weeks and that she could feel what she believed to be a fibroid. Every time she pressed on it, it hurt so bad. The size of her hand when she was telling me was like the size of a grapefruit or something. I was scheduled to come back in for more blood work, but moved out of state before I could follow up. What was so hilarious in this appt, I felt a "kick" in my tummy while I was being examined, but know one bothered to check on it. October -- Scheduled appointment with 2 different new doctors (an OB and a family doctor) to follow up. Still 2 days cycles. They just repeat everything from the previous doctors since they had nothing to go on. On an OB appt, I had a vaginal ultrasound in which they said that my uterus was small and that they see a polyp there and my fibroids was small and looked at me as it "I know these little things aren't giving you much pain". Then what was the previous doctor feeling, when she did it?? My OB's assistance also said my "kicks" was just my intenstines. Boy, does my intestines ever so move all the time!! Family doctor said what I already knew, my thyroids are fine. By this time I have gained almost 30 lbs!?! Constant back pains, and sleeping ALL THE TIME, which is a big change coming from someone who is constantly busy. November -- 2 day cycles, constant back pains, even took another HPT just to "see" still negative. Had a uterine biopsy that came out fine. My "intestines" is ever so active and moving all the time. We discovered areas on my back that are very painful to touch. Mostly on my sides. When we do touch or try to massage them, my "intestines" kick while we are massaging it. Now Dec -- CONSTANT back pains, had a 2 day cycle again this month. Stomach and pelvic pains. Can't lay on my stomach without being in pain, and I am a stomach layer. Can't fit any of my skinny jeans anymore, have to wear clothes with elastic waist. Still haven't changed my eating habits, but yet, I have now gained 40 lbs, and have a round belly. It is not sticking out far as most pregnant women would be at 8 1/2 - 9 months (at least that what I am thinking I would be right about now; about 38 1/2 weeks; if I can every confirm that I am pregnant), but it is sticking out. The other night, I was having what felt like contractions, so I started to time them and they were about every 3 minutes, but it was obviously braxton hicks if they were, because they stopped in the morning and after I got up and walked around and drank some water. Now here as I typed this, still stomach kicks and back pain. I just need answers! I've read about those that have had a tubaligation still getting pregnant, but I just want to know if I am, and not be traveling on the road and go into labor. We are mentally preparing for a child because of all the signs, but we are still on the fence since we are still having "cycles" and the tests and doctors are saying we're not pregnant.
khudgins khudgins 5 years
well i can understand the period thing cause when i had my first son(hes 6 now) i got on the depo and when i stopped getting it i never got a peiod so for me i have to go with other body signs to know if im pregnant or not. im on child 3. but even so i still dont understand how you could not know youre pregnant. i knew i was pregnant when i got a really bad headache. i went to get some ibprophen and drank some orange soda with it and imediatly threw up. i knew i was pregnant then. took the test and sure enough i was. im 31 weeks along and man does this lil girl kick like all hell. everyone told me at first i was just having gas buti knew better cause there is a huge diffrence to gas and a moving baby inside you.
jd672011 jd672011 6 years
I don't think that you could miss the kicks, bumps and thumps, but I know first hand that if your test comes back negative a physician shuts down and refuses to hear anything more on the matter. I am 44 years old and in late June of this year I started getting a belly. I refuse to be heavy so I start walking 8 miles a day, riding a bike 10 miles daily and reduce my calorie intake to 1200. All is good, losing weight, but the belly is getting a little bigger. By July 1st I am feeling major movement. Mind you with my 2 previous pregnancies I was tired, very sick, my breasts felt like they were going to burst, I had major cravings, and no period. None of those apply to what I am experiencing now. You are right you know that feeling it is unmistakable but trying to get an obgyn, er doctor or even your family physician to take you seriously after your pregnancy test comes back negative is impossible. Trust me, I am about to go as far as drive to another town and tell them I am 7 months pregnant and think that there is something wrong, just so that someone will do an ultra sound or a sonogram so that I can at least have conformation and be taken serious so that I can get necessary prenatal care. Why can't medical personel realize that the one person who knows their body best is you and take you serious and listen and actually check? Maybe the show can't tell you about the situation the mother's faced while trying to get someone to take them seriously. I know that I am sick of the bs and would be grateful to anyone who could give me some advice on where I could go to get someone to actually listen! I don't want to be one of those mothers!
mariannebags mariannebags 6 years
I've been watching the show, and there's a few things i notice. Like the doctors let them switch contraception, but dont tell them it might not work for the first month and to use another form of protection. Also, some girls are on medication like contraception injection, so they have another explanation for the weird symptoms. 2 of the girls I saw were anemic, so got a regular "period" and feeling crap was not usual. One woman had three test including a blood test saying she wasnt pregnant, so you cant really blame her for not knowing. So it got me thinking, i wonder if the hormone they test for isn't exactly the same in everyone, so the test doesn't work? Or just 0.1% of blood tests are done wrong and they are the unlucky ones? I know when I'm pregnant I think I can feel something way before I really can, or you'll be watching the baby kicking like mad but not feel a thing, so i can believe these girl are just a bit mis lead or clueless.
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