What doesn't kill you, earns you a Best Actress Golden Globe! That is, if you are the incredibly talented Kate Winslet. The star of Revolutionary Road, a must-see for all married moms, also took home the award for best supporting actress for her work in The Reader.

Aside from making incredible movies — Little Children, Titanic, The Life of David Gale, to name a few — the British born beauty is raising two children — Mia, 8, and Joe, 5 — with her husband, director Sam Mendes. At last night's awards, the mum thanked everyone from her costars to her hair and makeup artists. But, she saved the best kudos to her kids for last on both occasions, even mentioning that they were on set during the filming of Revolutionary Road. During her first acceptance, she said:

To my children, Mia and Joe, who are watching this on TV. Look. I won! Thank you for coming on this adventure with mommy.

Congratulations to this down-to-earth mama who piggy backs her kids home from school. We can't wait until her next performance!

Source, Flynet and Bauer-Griffin