Wonder Woman:  Natalie Morales
Wonder Woman: Natalie Morales

Most moms don't fondly reminisce about the mornings they watched the sun rise while trying to coax a tot back into bed. After three years in her current news desk role on NBC's Today Show, Natalie Morales has seen more than her fair share of early mornings.

The mom of two — Josh, 5, and Luke, 6 months — juggles a high-powered, very visible job with a knack for running that has seen her complete five marathons. Her powerful interviews, including one this week with the author of the Case Against Breastfeeding story, have earned her the respect of colleagues in the news industry and viewers alike. Fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, Morales also caught the eye of expectant women with her ability to remain stylish and fit throughout her pregnancies. In announcing her pregnancy, Morales mentioned the struggle she and her husband had trying to conceive. She said:

"When I found out I was pregnant, it was the best news I'd gotten all year. We had been trying for a long time. Most people think you can just decide to have a child, but it just doesn’t work that way."


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