I always thought I'd stay at home with my children once I became a mother. I was a stay-at-home mom for my daughter's first year of life, but then eagerly jumped back into the workforce. When I became pregnant with number two, I thought it may not even be an option to come back to work. After much consideration and calculation, I decided it was best for my mental health and children's well-being for me to be a working mommy. Having just finished my first week back, I know I made the right decision.

To see why,


Some moms are wired to entertain their wee ones all day long on the home front; I am not cut from that same cloth. I turn into a lazy sloth when I am at home all day long and find it way too easy to lounge on the couch and stay in pajamas. My nanny is much better about rallying the troops for jaunts to the park, music classes at the library, and teaching them Spanish. I am more productive and energetic when I have less time to accomplish numerous tasks so work actually fires up my engine. Odd as it may sound, my lil loves benefit when I head to the office. When I get home, we are all excited to see each other. Dinner time is social hour and baths are full of bubbles and laughter. Before heading back to work, I looked forward to the 5 o'clock hour because it meant the wind down was near and my alone time was imminent. Now, I race home from work because I can't wait to spend that precious time with my darlings before they hit the hay.